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Weaving Anew

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

March brought in this beautiful centering energy as we were guided to reorient from the inside out. Defining your circle means getting clear about your boundaries and your job here on earth. What is yours and what is not? We have been encouraged the whole of our lives to prioritize what is outside ourselves. The physical world over the emotional and spiritual world. The desires of others over our own desires. The requirements of society over our own internal guidance. A separation has now been made. A crack in the foundation so to speak, and the light is pouring in. We know too much. We've seen too much. And now there is no excuse left. If you choose to stay asleep, know that it is a CHOICE.

We have been handed a dose of exquisite, crystalline energy. A spark has been ignited and now it's up to you to run with that; to build anew; to create, create, create; to weave a brand new story, a brand new dream. We now know that we are the conductors of our lives. It is our sole responsibility to create the fabric of our realities. Now that much of the old has been cleared out of our direct experience, we are being given an opportunity to weave anew, to reframe and reshape our lives based on living from the inside out, not the outside in. If your boundaries are still wobbly, there is time to continue shoring them up as you learn to live from this new centered space, but the tolerance for putting up with it is waning. It's true, and right, and loving to offer compassion to those who don't yet get it, but taking responsibility for it is another thing. The time for that: codependent, narcissist relationships is over.

Ding dong the witch is dead. Dry your eyes, get out of bed.

Ding Dong the wicked witch is dead.

That energy just can't be supported any longer. If you are carrying the weight of someone or something else, it will drag on your energy like nothing else. It will take you down in every way until you notice what is happening, and change it. This is not a punishment, but an invitation into self, a chance to jump on the new magical timeline that is full of freedom, honesty, renewal, and non-judgment. It is a place of healing, right relationship, and seeing clearly through the eyes of compassion. It is ok that you have fallen prey to the control of others; it is what we were born and bred to do, but now that the light has shown, it is fully your responsibility if you continue taking it up. It will hurt, and the alarm bells will continue to sound until you take up your rightful place, seated at the throne of self. This is not selfish. Taking responsibility for your choices, your actions and your life is the most compassionate thing you can do for others because you no longer make them responsible for what was always yours. Think how liberating it is when others do the same. It no longer drags on your energy, and so you are free to attend to your own dreams and creativity — the gift of traveling this earth as a spiritual being in a human body. Create, create, create. And as we do this, we raise our vibration and the vibration of others around us. Love in motion.

Last month I talked about our most powerful resource being our energy in the form of attention and intention. We are now like the magician in the tarot: all the tools are laid on the table and it is our job to learn how to use them, how to wield our attention and intention in the creation of a new world. This is the power we have, the magic only we can create, but we have to take it up, we have to believe it is ours before we can truly access it. In individual healing sessions, the most powerful ingredient for change is the willingness, openness and belief the client has in their own transformation. Without fail, the ones who are closed to the magic that exists in the unseen realm and the possibility of their own change, are the ones who don't change. As an instrument of healing, the tools I wield in sessions are only as strong as the client allows. In some ways, this is a beautiful security system that spirit has built in. Vibration that a person is not ready to receive will not come through, it will only trickle out to the degree they are ready to receive. So although I have years of training in multiple modalities, I can not do the work FOR another person. I can only be an instrument for what they are ready to receive. I provide the container, they decide how much they want to move. This is the same territory we are all in right now. You are as powerful or as weak as you believe. The choice is yours. What will it be?

And yes, I should mention, trauma and the baggage we carry does play a part. It takes up valuable life force energy that keeps you from moving forward. But even that, the trauma we have experienced that was not our doing, not our choice, becomes a choice if we continue to carry it and allow it to thwart our evolution. It's not a choice that it happened, but it is our choice to carry it with us. Put it down and chose freedom. You deserve that much.

Suggestions this month

Tending to Your Vibration — I'll continue to talk about this and suggest it as we go forward. It is vitally important now that you tune into your vibration, notice where it is, notice what is effecting it. Add what is needed, and remove whatever is not supporting your frequency. This could mean people, locations, social media, what you are ingesting on a physical or energetic level. Be vigilant about this; it's too important a tool to go unattended.

Water, water, water — Drink it, be in it, be around it. Water is a conductor of energy; it will help you continue to clear and clean out the old way, making space for the new.

Rest — This has been coming up big time. We need a lot more rest as we transition and shift our energies. We are recalibrating and doing a lot of work in the dream time that can't be done in the waking hours. Honor that and let it be. This is self care on steroids.

Suggested Oil of the Month — Whisper — Femininity — From Essential Emotions "Whisper softens overly masculine individuals by getting them in touch with their feminine side. It encourages letting go of pride and tough exteriors, and allows gentleness and emotional connection. It is particularly helpful when dealing with issues that manifest as anger, hostility, or resistance toward women." In a world that has shunned women and closed us off from our own feminine energy (in both men and women), as we are called to take up more of that intuitive, magical side, Whisper is the oil to support that. Women especially have become closed to their softer side and project a more masculine exterior often as a way to protect ourselves. Whisper says, it's ok to access your feminine — vulnerability is your strength.

DōTERRA Free Oil of the Month for LRP Members — Lime — Zest for Life — From Essential Emotions "Lime imbues the soul with a zest for life. When individuals have been weighed down by discouragement or grief, Lime elevates them above the mire. It instills courage and cheer in the heart and reminds them to be grateful for the gift of life."

All my love, Heidi

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