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Wild Sisterhood Community

Have you been feeling the call to gather in community with other beautiful, spiritually-minded, grounded women where you can support, learn and grow together in a safe container, rooted in spiritual practice? Are you a sensitive, intuitive, empath, healer or entrepreneur looking to spark your magic with others just like you? Are you desiring to activate your unique creativity, expand your light on the planet, and anchor your vibration of heaven on earth to both improve your own life and shift the world going forward? 

As women, we innately know how to do this, but often find ourselves without the container in which to do it. Society tells us independence is success, and we've lost community along the way. 


The Wild Sisterhood Community is an opportunity to change all that. 

Now more than ever, we are being called towards our sensitivities, our creativity, our magic, to find, strengthen, and grow our unique vibration on the planet as we adjust to a changing world. Coming together in sisterhood as we do this amplifies our individual vibration, and links us together with others that are doing the same, further strengthening our vote for heaven on earth.

Think of Wild Sisterhood as a way of being. It's a resonance. It's a way of removing our tentacles from what we don't want, to anchor in what we do, coming into a rhythm with cycles of nature, planting seeds for the new world, and how we actually want to live, breathe, grow and experience life. There's a community aspect, but this is really about you activating more of your own magic. We strengthen each other when we do that in community.


Wild Sisterhood comes in the form of a private online group designed to foster community, connection, witness, expression, collaboration, voice, and a deep sense of belonging and support, all within the sacred container of spiritual practice.


Monthly Membership Includes:


2 Moon Ceremonies (pre-recorded)

Women's Circle & Intuitive Collage (live on zoom)

Access to a private online community

NEW & FULL Moon Ceremonies are prerecorded and you can listen at your leisure. Intuitive Collage is at/near the New Moon to set the stage for the moon's cycle and to track our awareness and progress. Women's Circle is at/near the Full Moon to connect, witness, receive, honor, and share spiritual practice in community. All live sessions are recorded if there's a date you can't make. All events and information are easily accessible through the online platform

A note on zoom — As the world rapidly changes, we are being called to move to new locations, and asked to activate our light wherever we find ourselves. It is no longer the case that our "tribe" is necessarily in the same physical location as we are. Offering this community on zoom makes it possible for our world to expand, and to connect us with sisters we would otherwise not have the opportunity to meet. 
Image by malith d karunarathne

Moon Ceremonies

Individual  / $20

Wild Sisterhood Membership / $33

Join me under the light of the NEW and FULL MOON for an energy update, channel and group healing session. These are available a la carte in the shop, or automatically when you join the Wild Sisterhood Community above.

Moon Ceremonies are pre-recorded and available in the shop a few days before the moon cycle. Sign up for my newsletter to receive release notifications. 


Individual — Purchase in the shop — $20 each

Membership — join Wild Sisterhood Community for both ceremonies

every month + a private, online community & live events — $33

Image by Ginny Rose Stewart


price determined per class

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