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Prepare to Transform

December is packed FULL of energy. There's movement, adjustment, even nausea as we assimilate all the change that is happening, and also coming. The image I keep seeing is the space of birth, after the water has broken, before the pushing. You know your life is about to entirely change, but the space is full of unknowns. It's an identity crisis, that you're welcoming, but still unsure you can hold, handle, adjust to, manage, or be with. All the questions, and perhaps even panic, start to come. Can I be with all this change? Can I tolerate it? Can I be a good parent? Can I be a parent at all? What will my child be like? What will I be like? Am I large enough for this job? There's a myriad of adjustment going on all at once. It's like a freight train that you can't slow down. A decision that can't be unmade. You HAVE to rise to the challenge. All attention HAS to come into the present moment and attend to the task at hand. The integration of it will have to happen on the other side. And yet, in this moment, your entire body has to make room for something new. All your organs have to adjust to make this shift happen. Every part of you has to be onboard. Nothing else matters. It's a full body experience. All systems go. Now. Even if you're not ready. You have to put down your fear and be all in. There's only one goal. Birthing a new earth, birthing a new you, birthing a new reality.

This is no small feat. We are changing paradigms with every move we make. It feels like the collective decision has been made. We want change. We want a healthy world, a healthier reality, one that includes all and excludes none. And we're going to get it. Or we're going to get something new. It doesn't have a face or name yet, so we can't yet define it completely. We're in the in between. Birth has started, but the baby isn't here. There's work to be done. There's adjustment, assimilation, transformation afoot. There are contractions, and the space between them. The body has to prepare for transformation.

Astrologically speaking, we also have a lot afoot. First up, we have a Mercury Retrograde December 13 - January 1. All retrogrades have a set up and integration phase on either side. For Mercury it is two weeks on either side. This means that as of December 1, we're already in the set up phase. It will last the entirety of December, and the integration phase will be complete January 15, 2024. Mercury retrogrades can we described as disintegration to reintegration phases. Everything dissolves to make way for something new. In the midst of the cycle, you'll receive your "Mercury retrograde message," roughly December 22. Interestingly timed with the birth of Jesus. So look alive, and pay attention. This is not just about us rebirthing ourselves individually. This is the birth of a new era.

Pluto is also about to move into Aquarius for the next twenty years. Pluto describes whole generational cycles. The last time Pluto changed signs (into Capricorn) was 2008. Can you think of anything else that happened in 2008? Obama was elected. The housing market crashed. It was a complete shift and the focus was on Capricornian things. Work. Money. Capitalism. Now it's moving into Aquarius. Energy. Uniqueness. Anomaly. We want different things. And different things we shall have. So when I say there is a birth coming, I mean it. And this whole month of December is preparing us for that shift. It's the time when the house gets messier before it gets cleaned up. Space has to be made, while things are getting cleared out. It's a complete shake up. Set your watch by it.

Things to consider this month —

REST — As much as you can, get extra rest. Your whole body is adjusting to new light codes, new energy, and a generational shift that is coming. We're doing a lot to prepare. There is a busyness afoot, but also rest is needed in between the busyness to balance out and allow integration time for all that is adjusting.

Adjustment Time — If you're feeling overwhelmed, or if you become overwhelmed, you're not doing anything wrong. We're assimilating a ton of information right now. Exhaustingly so! Give yourself space to adjust, and just keep that top of mind. It's what we're doing and it's all happening according to plan. It's tiring giving birth! You gotta give yourself huge breaks right now to get ready for all this.

Do Nothing Extra — When you're having a baby, you're not also taking out the trash, or writing a book, or doing ANYTHING else but that one thing. So don't overburden yourself this month. Keep it simple. Keep it basic. Keep it light. You've got enough going on!

Oil of the Month — nothing like TRANSFORMATION to bring us home. I hesitated in choosing this oil, because the entire transformation will not be complete at the end of this month. January will also be a big adjustment, but without looking forward to that energy, I have to choose what feels right NOW.

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