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gifts with purchase each month

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Essential oils have become a huge part of my life, like most things, on accident. I was introduced in 2014 during my energy healing apprenticeship. When I started seeing clients professionally, oils would naturally come through during sessions as therapeutic support to help balance and transmute the energies they were moving through. ​I decided to offer them as a resource to give my clients easy access, and then I got hooked.


As I progressed on my journey, I discovered the magic of "clean" cleaning products. Imagine that! If you're anything like me, you've been using toxic products in your home and on your body, without even realizing it! Even the ones that say they're "green" are often filled with "fragrance," which really means they are non-natural fragrances that disrupt the endocrine system. Enter hormone issues, skin issues, digestive issues, and a whole host of other hidden problems. Google it!

After cleaning products I moved to Ningxia Red, skincare, make-up, supplements, and now I use the entire product line. I love knowing that whatever I get from Young Living will be safe and I don't have to worry about it. My family has started getting hooked now too. Our towels are cleaner, our skin feels better, and we are more grounded and balanced. It really is that amazing. I wouldn't have known if I hadn't experienced it myself. It's the thing you don't know you need until you experience it first hand, and then you can't live without it. 


My theory is that essential oils are not only healthier options, but they are also plant medicine teachers here to support our bodies with their inherent wisdom. It's a win-win. Clean your home and your body safely, and also receive the wisdom the plants are here to offer. It's spiritual, mental, emotional and physical healing all at once.


Becoming a member with Young Living is the best choice I ever made for my family. I came for the oils, I stayed for the transformation, the savings, and the business (more on that below). Membership saves you 24% off retail on all products. No commitments to buy, come and go as you please. You're also welcome to order retail at anytime without becoming a member.


Young Living is so generous, they also offer gifts with purchase each month at 100PV, 190PV, 250PV and 300PV. The more you spend, the more gifts you receive. 



Simply make a single purchase of 100PV or more.

Referral# 29519856

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Loyalty Rewards Program

points back for free product

bonus gifts with purchase each month

Now that you're a member, let me blow your mind on the savings available when you join the Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP). Think of it as frequent flyer miles for oils, skincare, body care, make-up, cleaning products and all the goods you would have grabbed at Target without getting a discount. 

Loyalty Rewards is simply a rewards program that gives you points back on everything you purchase. The longer you subscribe, the more savings you receive. There are also bonus gifts with purchase every month for Loyalty Rewards members. 

Simply purchase 50PV or more each month to earn more points and stay in the program. Use your accumulated points anytime. It's a no-brainer with how much you get for free in gifts with purchase, and points. You won't regret it!

1-3 months = 10% back in points

4-24 months = 20% back in points

25+ months = 25% back in points



Brand Partner

Brand Partner

brand partner kit  /   $14.95

Here is where it really gets interesting! You're already using and loving the products. You start sharing it with friends, and suddenly you're making money sharing what you already love. It's like the Amazon Influencer program where you're making money off links and products you share, naturally. Now you're earning money to pay for the products you would've purchased. So you're skipping the line at Target, saving money, using clean products, healing and supporting yourself and your family, AND making money! 


Not to mention all the personal and professional development perks as well. Feeling part of a team of other supportive women dedicated to their own spiritual and professional goals is my favorite thing. As an entrepreneur, I felt so alone before this part of my business. Chugging along, trying to put it all together myself. Now I feel part of a community that I can get support from, ask questions, while growing and developing everything else I'm doing along the way. If you're already an entrepreneur, this is a no-brainer. It's a natural add to what you're doing, additional income, support for your clients, and additional write-offs! If I'd realize that from the start of my business, I would've joined years ago!

Interested yet? Come join me and receive all the support you need from me, and my team, on how to make money sharing products you already love. First you'll need a member account, then click on Become a Brand Partner in the drop down menu under your account. Purchase the kit, and get ready to take off! Email me for more details. I'm here to help!


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