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Expanding Hearts

February, the month of love, Valentine's, and joy brings us the energy of expanding hearts. It seems obvious, but it's much deeper than that. This is rich alchemy across time and space. I wanted to call this Exploding Hearts but we're not conjuring heart attacks here, this is the expansion of human compassion, kindness, generosity, and forgiveness. The image I was given this month was literally a swelling, full heart, specifically focused on the high heart. We are learning to expand our capacity to hold light, energy, frequency and love. The challenging part of this is FORGIVENESS. This is the part of the swelling that is like a water balloon ready to pop with the grazing of any pressure; tender, emotional, sensitive, and heartbreaking.

There's a saying I love by Sheryl Paul, "Pain and joy live in the same chamber of the heart, so when you squash the pain you limit the joy.” This is the full essence of the energy this month, and of the coming world. We don't get to choose which one we will experience at any given moment. And, we don't get to have only one and not the other. The expanding heart is about learning to live with, and tolerate, both. It's about allowing what is to be present, without trying to push it away, or make it different. It's about allowing all of ourselves to be present too. When we push away or discard a feeling, we also shame or limit that within ourselves. And then we're not living full lives, we're not expressing ourselves fully. We're putting boundaries on what we're allowing ourselves to give AND receive.

And so, as we are called to expand our capacities, we are also called to FEEL, and this is the part related to forgiveness. We have to allow ourselves to have the feelings, then feel them, and then forgive ourselves for having them and stop judging who we actually are. And that forgiveness bleeds into forgiving others as well. Forgiving others for not being what we want, or wanted, them to be. Do you see how you can't touch one element of it without touching the other? You can't forgive yourself without forgiving someone else. You can't forgive someone else without forgiving yourself. And round and round we go. We're all connected. And isn't that the deeper lesson we are learning? Whatever harm we cause others, we cause ourselves as well. It's time to let go of the hate, resentment, judgement towards others because we are the ones that have to carry that around. We are the ones who live with the energy of that. They don't even know about it!

Things to consider this month

Pay attention to beliefs — Our beliefs literally create our reality. If you think you're behind, for example, then you're behind because that's the belief you're anchoring in. We do live in a matrix, and we're also the creators of it every day. Like a holograph, it rises up around us as we project images of we think or feel will happen. This can go in a positive or negative direction. Start to become more mindful about what your thoughts are creating. What messages are you telling yourself?

Slow down & tune in — As we are called into feeling more deeply, it means we will be processing more current and past emotions. This can really make us feel overwhelmed. How can I handle all these feelings? What do I do with them? How do I find time for them in my busy life? I practiced this myself just today, and what I found is that by slowing down and allowing the emotion to be there, welcoming it even, it becomes much less scary. Then you can just get the data on it; what is it trying to tell me? With that, you can make adjustments that will support a better outcome, better boundaries, clearer communication, and really get down to the brass tacks of what it is YOU need to feel better. Then overwhelm can fall away. You're not bad for having feelings, or an experience, or a challenge. What becomes difficult is when we charge ahead trying to mask that we have that need, abandon ourselves, and then we suffer huge amounts of anxiety because we're not offering ourselves what we need to feel better and function more optimally.

Let it be messy — We're going through a huge transition as Pluto (planet of transformation) shifts out of Capricorn and into Aquarius for the next 20 years. There is massive integration to be done. Let it, and yourself, take its time to settle, and let it look unconventional. It's more important to stay connected to your own internal spiritual practice and life that it is to be "on time" for anything.

Oil of the Month — FORGIVENESS — Ugh! Who likes forgiveness? We have a rough go with this one as a collective. The idea of forgiving someone feels like we're saying it's ok what happened, and maybe we don't feel ok with it. But true forgiveness is about letting YOURSELF off the hook for carrying the emotion, or the story about what happened. It means offering yourself the freedom to no longer continue poisoning yourself with the anger, frustration or rage about it. Feeling the anger and frustration is one thing, and definitely beneficial, and even necessary, to help release it. Carrying it around like an open wound, and repeatedly telling the story of what happened, is another.

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