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Let It Burn

Welcome to 2024! A powerful and majestic year, indeed. Let's start with the numerology and the tarot card of the year. Super powerful influence and alchemy we're working with. 2024 is an 8 year. 2+2+4=8. The eight card in the tarot is Strength. The strength card is a woman holding open the mouth of a lion. She has a horizontal figure 8 above her head (infinity), wears a white robe (purity) adorned with flowers (nature). The image conjures a deep relationship. Is the lion allowing her to hold its mouth open? Has she tamed the lion? Is there an understanding between them? Is the lion her own inner beast that she is working to tame? There is so much in this one image, like a koan that unfolds over time. I encourage you to look up an image of the card to further commune with it throughout the year. This is a nice write up to go more deeply

Then we have Pluto going into Aquarius on January 20, which will usher in a whole new collective and generational cycle over the next 20 years. Pluto will retrograde back into Capricorn May 2 — October 12, giving us a review of the old energy, presumably so we can grab any last bits of information we need from it, and then it will go back into Aquarius until November of 2043. Capricorn has been about money, structure, capitalism, the systems of power and control. Aquarius is the symbol of energy, it's unique, it does things its own way, it rules group contributions, friends, goals and aspirations. As I'm reading the tea leaves, Capricorn was all about corporate energy. Aquarius is all about the entrepreneur. I expect to see a massive bloom of entrepreneurs and people putting together work in random and unique ways that work for them. What works for you personally is the new black. There are no rules that you must follow. Those exist only in your own mind. You restrict your options by the limitations you believe in. Interestingly enough, Capricorn and Aquarius are both ruled by the Saturn, planet of restriction, structure, boundaries and lessons. Saturn is the time keeper, the task master, the teacher and our karmic promise to the universe that we came here to fulfill. So we've been in the teaching, but with it surrounding money and resources with a focus on achieving. Now we're moving into group creativity, collaboration, and a deeper focus on humanity. Phew! Pluto is the planet of transformation, where we've lost our power and where we must take it back, and constantly being reborn so we can learn. So we are collectively taking our power back where we have lost our identity to the structure of the system, and bringing back that magical unique vision and expression that focuses on the health of humanity, through individuality. Should be a beautiful ride!

The energy of January specifically is all about burning off the collected residue of the last four years. Really anything before that too, but the last four years have been beyond intense. We have so much debris built up, that it's time to slough it off. We can't take it with us, so January is about getting really clear on your vision, goals, and vibration (remember Aquarius is about energy) that you want to hold and live in. It no longer matters what kind of house you have, what kind of car you drive, and what material objects you've collected. In fact, those may weight you down. Now it's about HOW you're living. Are you free? Are you living according to your own divine will and purpose? Or are you being lead around by the nose of a system you have no control over and have no freedom in? This is about quality over quantity. So now is the time to Marie Kondo your life. Dump everything that isn't in alignment with your higher purpose, goals and direction to make space not only for what you do value, but for all that wants to come in for you. You need to make space for Spirit to surprise you in the most magical ways!

This burning off process isn't about material items, although it can be as well. It's more about the internal things we're letting go: beliefs, ways of being, and habitual patterns we've been in with or without realizing it. Because of this, there is a tenderhearted grief coming up. When we realize we've been moving in pattens that have been hindering us and not helping us, there is a grief that must be felt for all that was missed while focusing on what you thought was important that had no real value. There's a beauty in realizing the truth too, but with it comes bittersweet letting go of what is now in the past, and a need to shift to higher purpose and higher mind.

The biggest truth I see coming in is that of connection. We have all bought a lie of separation. Separation from Spirit, from each other, from ourselves, from our guides, and from those that have passed to the other side. Where that lie comes from, I'm not sure. You could say it was the church, teaching us that we are nothing without church. That we have no access to Spirit on our own, which in my estimate is exactly what Jesus was here teaching against, to illuminate us all to the innate access we all have to the divine. Separation is a lie. We are deeply connected. It's an inalienable right that can not be taken. It is a truth of our spiritual being. We belong to ourselves and to each other. That can't be taken except in belief. With the structure of that belief crumbling, truths are coming in rapidly, dispelling the darkness and fear that the story of separation creates.

I've been feeling for the last several years, that sensitives, empaths, intuitives, creatives, entrepreneurs, and anyone that identifies with being "different," are the ones that are here to build the new world, but now it's really coming in hot. Those of us that identify in this way have been through the experience of being left out on purpose. We were born into families that didn't get us, and that felt horrible at the time, much like we were being punished for being sensitive or different. But now things are shifting and new opportunities are presenting for us. The gifts we have are needed now. And we're ahead of the curve, so to speak. We've grieved, licked our wounds, and gotten use to being alone in the shadows. It's why we're not afraid of it. We've been communing with it our whole lives. And so, we are brave enough to guide others forward. We're not afraid of the dark. And we're sensitive and empathic enough to feel into the truth beneath what we're being told. We are natural humanitarians. We feel deeply, and so we know what is needed. And simultaneously we are learning that our sensitivities ARE our strength. Again, more grief for having not been honored, valued and respected. There's deep alchemy afoot. An inner strength training and discipline to step into our gifts and give them freely to the world for healing. We were not wrong all this time, the world just wasn't ready for us yet. Perfect time for the Strength year!

I included this song in my end-of-year post, but it's so on target here I have to share it again. I encourage you to listen and take note of the lyrics. We ARE the tenderhearted, and that IS our strength. The Tenderhearted by Sara Watkins.

Things to consider this month:

Take time for emotion — As if we haven't had enough of this, but a deep clearing out is happening. Time to be sensitive, internal, and perhaps sharing what you're discovering with other safe people. It's a strength training in a way, but letting go of what no longer serves and allowing it to burn off. When it comes up, imagine tossing it in the fire and releasing it back to Spirit. As to be filled back up with a bright white and gold light, or whatever other color might come.

Let it go — Whatever, or whoever, it is you've been trying to control, let is all go. You have no power there. You only have power here at home with yourself. The more you can hold that and learn to wield it, the better. "God grant me the serenity to accept the things I can not change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference." That's the mantra. Live by it. And see the next suggestion.

Goal session — So many of us sensitives have just been trying to cope for so long, we didn't know it was ok to have goals. We were doing emotional triage, or over giving to all the folks we were trying to get approval from. Now that that pattern is dying, it's time for US! It's time to anchor down what it is you want and the vibration you want to live in. A goal session would be perfect for this. Map out where you want to go, what you want to do, and who you want to become in a tangible, linear way. Aquarius' Saturn is here to help.

Oil of the monthCEDARWOOD When I was leaning into the energy of this month, I assumed we would have a straightforward oil like Release with all we are burning off. But as I was writing, Cedarwood came in strong, and now I know why. Cedarwood is the oil of community and belonging. The truth that we are learning is that we BELONG, and so of course, Spirit always knows best. These oils are adaptogens. They help us adapt and to balance our nervous system in whatever energy they hold. We are all deeply wounded in the area of separation, feeling we won't belong if we don't have the right stuff, the right job, the right friends, the right hair, the right background, whatever it is. The fear of being outcast is so strong in us, it can run our whole lives with insecurity. And Cedarwood comes in to help. If you are a loyalty rewards member, you likely got it for free last month. How does Young Living always know? It stuns me every time. From the Essential Emotions book, "Cedarwood brings people together to experience the strength and value of community. Those in need of community struggle to form bonds within social groups. This can often be due to an overdeveloped sense of individuality. Rather than allowing themselves to be supported by family, friends, or community, they live by excessive self reliance. On the other hand, the individual's difficulty forming social roots may also stem from feeling disconnected and separate from human family. Cedarwood inspired the feeling of belonging and assists the heart in opening to receive the love and support of other people. It invites the strong-willed individual to couple the strength of individuality with the supportive power of community."

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