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Up and Down

The energy of November was shown to me as a chevron pattern, representing the up and down energy that is continuing. Seems pretty straightforward after the intense energy of October. But it has a goal, so we need to dive deeper to grab the meaning, intention and steps to get there.

We all get triggered. Events come in and out every day that bring us up or down, depending on what we're paying attention to. When we're deep in the trigger, so much so that we can't see the space between ourselves and the trigger, we BECOME the trigger and could get taken down a rabbit hole of our own thinking about what has happened, and how we feel about it. But it starts with what we're telling ourselves about it, and less about what actually happened. That's not to minimize anyone's experience, just to point out the logistics of what can happen. If we're really lucky (wink, wink), something in the now triggers something from the past, and then we're really off to the races, upset about all of it at once. We are being called now to slow that whole process down, come back to the now, and investigate what is actually happening, IN THE PRESENT MOMENT, not twenty years ago.

Yes, a trigger in the now can be super helpful in identifying what we're still carrying that we may be unaware of, IF we work with it. If we hurl it at someone else, not super helpful. Although it can be in retrospect if you catch it and rewind. So the big lesson of November is to come back to the now over and over again. Ask yourself regularly, am I present? Am I here? Am I somewhere else? What I was shown is that so often we aren't in the present at all. We're living in the present with our body, but we've pulled events from the past and future (even fears or anxieties that DIDN'T happen) into the present and clogging up our mental, emotional, spiritual, and yes, physical space. Our minds are incredibly powerful at drawing things towards us, even what we don't want, just by thinking about it. It starts in the ether and comes all the way into our bodies, effecting us physically. So it sounds like we'll have LOTS of opportunity to practice riding this wave of observation this month.

Another important lesson of this up and down chevron pattern, is that we're not doing it wrong. Ups and downs are natural and they are not an indication that we're forever doomed, that we've done it all wrong, or that the intention even should be for everything to be smooth. What would we learn then? Pretty dull if everything were easy. So this lesson is about perspective. What we tell ourselves about a thing is often what makes it worse than the thing itself. Kind of like the fear of something is often worse than the thing itself, people included.

Things to focus on this month —

Daily check in practice — This is so powerful in helping you stay in the present moment. Consider doing this as a start to your day to set the tone, or whenever feels right for you. Maybe it's chanting, meditation, channel writing, journal writing, yoga, walking, something that allows you to tune in with your body, your thoughts, and your guidance team to feel connected to a higher purpose and with yourself.

Learning something new — This one comes in as a tool to keep you grounded in the present moment. We we are students of something, it keeps us focused on listening rather than reacting. We are in receptivity, rather than reactivity. A lot more can be done from grounded receptivity, than fiery reactivity. Action can still be taken, but with a lighter heart and gentler touch.

Do something different — If you always turn left, go right. If you always walk this way, walk that way. If you always do yoga, go for a run. Help break the patterns in your body and mind, creating flexibility, by weaving in anomaly and fluffing up your energy with new life.

Oil of the month — PRESENT TIME — this one I don't have and it's rather expensive ($100), so here are a few hacks to make it more affordable. This oil comes in the Feelings Collection and includes other amazing oils (inner child, forgiveness, harmony, release, valor, and present time), a value of $365 for only $200. Or, if you're a loyalty rewards member, this kit is available free with loyalty points. Present Time is made up of neroli, black spruce, and ylang ylang. You could try making your own blend of it. Neroli (the blossoms of orange trees) is expensive. You could hack it with orange, black spruce and ylang ylang. Neroli is also in the ACCEPTANCE blend if you have that one already. And if you're not familiar with Neroli it's delicious and great for skin care, specifically scaring. Do note that the energy of Neroli and Orange are not the same. Neroli is the oil of shared purpose and partnership (so I see why they're guiding us to PRESENT TIME). Orange is the oil of abundance.

Neroli — Shared Purpose and Partnership

Black Spruce — Stability

Ylang Ylang — Inner Child (remedy for the heart)

Great combo for what we're working with!

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