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The Great Surrender

We have finally made it through the trio of Greats. Purge (June), Release (July) and now Surrender, assuming there are not more coming. 😆 We have been through it so to speak. Rung out, squeezed, pinched, tested, and now we must surrender to the whole process. We are not in charge, if that wasn't already apparent. I love the image of the hammock this month. I also chose a hammock for my word of the year: SUPPORT. Easier said than done. We live in such a busy, chaotic society that typically awards only the strong, tough, external achievements, but rarely says "good job" for taking a nap. I'm here to tell you, we all need a nap; the restful kind only a hammock can provide. When we are always busy at the helm, we rarely allow ourselves to see and feel the magic happening in and through things. The synchronicities, the grace, the way we are always being held. We're too busy to notice and we don't give it credence.

Take a moment to notice and reflect: which Great was hardest for you? Was it Purge, Release, or will it be Surrender? Maybe it's a combo of all three. The way I'm seeing this trio as it plays out is like the tantrum of a child. First the object of desire is taken away (Purge); then the cries come, the letting go of all the feelings about it (Release), and now we are about to go into Surrender — the fall that happens after the tantrum has reached its final crest. When we finally give up and let go of the thing we want, we surrender into WHAT IS. And often then we want to curl up and rest, to let it all go. There is some relief in it too. We don't have to grab so hard anymore. We can let go of the cling when we realize it isn't working anyway. We can give way to the river's current and let ourselves be taken. It's the hug we want but can't ask for, it's the help we need but are afraid to request. Vulnerable and sensitive territory — the whole damn thing.

How are you holding up? Do you have the support in place you need? Is your place (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual) a mess inside and out? I'm finding it gets messier before it gets clean. There is so much to move around. We know instantly some things MUST go, and others we need a second. Am I ready? Will I need it later? I encourage you to take the Marie Kondo approach and ask if it sparks JOY. The rest will figure itself out. Even if you've had something forever (and I'm talking about the internal stuff too), it may just be time to let it go. This might be a version of yourself, a physical place, a job, a relationship, an attitude. Whatever stinks must go. Whatever isn't nourishing must go. We need time to revel in WHO WE ARE and how can we get there if there's so much crap in the way we can't even see it? It's an emotional rollercoaster of sorts. Touching and feeling all those old things brings up a lot of memories, and touches a lot of bruises. But feeling it allows it to leave, kind of like having the tantrum allows us to surrender and rest. Feeling it lets the inner child be seen, heard and understood,

Things to consider this month —

Remove Judgement — This is a tough one, but especially towards self, get the judgment out of there. You are doing the best you can, no matter what it looks like on the outside. In the mentorship I'm currently teaching, last month we worked heart energy and channeling. The message that came through was that loving yourself is the highest order of business you can do here on earth. Not achievements, not status, not material goods, not any other external achievement.

Let yourself FEEL — Let the ugly cry out. When you feel it, you allow it to move, you allow it to be liberated from the hidden places. Bringing it out into the light is half the battle. It's like the child in tantrum that just needs to be heard.

Lick Your Wounds — Let yourself lay in the literal or metaphorical hammock this month and mother your inner child. Lick your wounds. Comfort yourself. Let it all go.

Prepare Yourself for Abundance — With this much moving out, we're only bound to make space for super cool, new energy coming in. Clean house, clear, sort, organize. Get prepared for all the good coming your way. It's here, baby. You've got this!

Suggested Oil of the Month — SURRENDER

Diffuse, wear, place a drop on your hands and rub in your hair or clothes for a natural, walking diffuser. Let yourself lay in the hammock, literally or metaphorically, and rest. We've been through a lot and we need to just let it all go and receive.

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