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Strengthened Being

October brings in a slight calm to the chaos of September, but also a call to get serious about our spiritual practice, especially pertaining to the body. We are 99.9999999999999% energy and only .00000000000001% matter, but/and/also, the matter we are made up of, our physical body, is the only reason we're here. Otherwise we would be 100% energy/spirit and we would not inhabit the earth, in a physical way anyway. Wink, wink. What I'm being shown over and over again is that movement and tuning the instrument of our bodies is essential to our well being. This includes working with our mind to calm us down enough to be present in the body. There's a bit of a both/and energy this month. Movement and presence working together. They feed on each other, kind of like the masculine and feminine working in tandem to steady us and bring us into the alignment of our spine and central nervous system. Wherever we are "off" is going to become more and more evident. If you're not getting enough sleep, exercise, nourishing food, meditation, time with friends, time to yourself, time with your craft, those areas are going to start to scream. Our bodies are the last alarm system we have. By the time it shows up in the body, the issue has been there a very long time in our energy field. Once it arrives in the body, it's time to look alive and make serious changes for rebalancing.

The image I was shown this month is the toroidal (or torus) field, the electromagnetic field that surrounds the body, emanating from the heart. It moves up from our feet in a sweeping motion along the spine, spills out of our crown like a waterfall and drops back down below our feet to cycle through again. My understanding is that it moves in all directions, not just this one, but it's a way to imagine how it moves. As a side note: I wanted to include a photo of it on the image this month but when I typed it into Canva, not a single image of this field showed up. I chose the closest one I could find. I encourage you to google it. It looks like a donut that surrounds our body. But I find it interesting that the awareness of the magnetic field of our bodies is so deeply buried in our subconscious that not even one image was present. This is science, folks. It should be common place.

What I also saw was a tension/friction at the edge of this field that tells me we are learning to strengthen our boundaries and come into better mind/body/heart coherence. All these spiritual, mindfulness practices are not to climb some spiritual ladder, they bring us into balance within ourselves, so we can be more balanced with what is outside ourselves as well. And not only are we learning to strengthen our boundaries but also flush out what we are holding that either isn't ours, or isn't serving us, or both. This is a continued energy from September and will carry forward as we learn to vibrate more and more in coherence. Ultimately we're working towards a new state of being individually and collectively.

So we're working with the body as the vessel, the mind that effects it, all of which effect our state of being. There's a friction to create better habits and boundaries. The Divine Masculine is the container holding it all (Frankincense), The Divine Feminine is the creation energy in the center of the container (Myrrh). We're learning to balance the two, making sure they are both strong, clear, clean, and in right relationship with one another. Ultimately we want to stop leaking our energy out of our container with proper boundaries, proper containment (different than being trapped).

There are higher (spirit) and lower (body) energies being brought into balance this month. The esoteric and the physical, ideally to be working in tandem. We are much more powerful than we realize and our body is a technology that allows manifestation, growth, and higher states of awareness, when we work with it and tune it like an instrument. Our body is a living library of all of our experiences, we just have to learn to tap into and use it to our benefit, working with the body, not against it.

Things to consider this month:

Sleep — We've gotta balance the overworked energy and too much going on in the mind. Mind/body connection depends on it. There's so much information coming in we need more sleep to integrate it all.

Movement — Exercise, yoga, dry brushing, bouncing on a pilates ball. Anything to move energy and lymph is going to help all the processing we're doing.

Listening to the body — This will help both the above. What does your body need? What is it telling you? This helps strengthen our intuition as we listen to what needs are coming up and follow them. The more we respond to what the body is telling us, the more in sync with become with it.

Oil of the month — CYPRESS — The oil of motion and flow. From Essential Emotions "This powerful oil creates energetic flow and emotional catharsis. Stagnant energies are borough not motion through the fluid energy of this oil. Cypress works in the heart and mind, creating flexibility." Reach out with any questions. I'm always here to help. More information is available on the Aromatherapy page, and you an always book a free consult as well.

Mirror reflection exercise I mentioned in my Yoga Nidra Becoming the Witness.

and 40-Day Learn to Chant Challenge, both on Insight Timer. You can also purchase the chant challenge on my website under programs.

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