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Strength Training

This month is heavy energy with a lot of moving parts. We are entering deep strength training (internal and external), noticing how one effects the other; how we are constantly being influenced and influencing others with our words, deeds, actions, intentions, etc. There is a lot of birth energy up, getting prepared for the next step, chapter or evolution of self, that eventually effects the whole. We are deep in the best parts of Virgo right now — sorting, organizing, purging, clearing, preparing. Being deeply vigilant about what stays and what goes. Noticing how what is in your space effects you and deciding if you're ok with that or not. And once you're made that decision, taking action to change it. We're in the in-between space right now, going through a life/death/rebirth cycle, so be gentle with yourself as we move through this territory. It's deep inner work.

Lean into which of the 5 bodies you inhabit most and which you inhabit least. There's a mediation on this in my shop that I've just made free to help you out with this investigation. The one you live in least is where your work is. Mine is physical, so I've added lots of walking and exercise to my daily routine to help balance my energy. It's incredible, and I'm sleeping much better than I was.

We're in battle maiden, Joan of Arc, territory. But this isn't war for war sake energy, this is war with real purpose, directed by the divine. I didn't know this fact prior to recording this video, but pulled here from Wikipedia: "Stating that she (Joan of Arc) was acting under divine guidance, she became a military leader who transcended gender roles and gained recognition as a savior of France...She was put on trial by Bishop Pierre Cauchon on accusations of heresy, which included blaspheming by wearing men's clothes, acting upon visions that were demonic, and refusing to submit her words and deeds to the judgment of the church. She was declared guilty and burned at the stake on 30 May 1431, aged about nineteen." Which was later overturned for reasons "that it was tainted by deceit and procedural errors." So this is right in the witch territory that came through in the New Moon in Virgo and calls forward that women and witches have been targeted for being in communion with the divine outside of the church's influence. It's ok for the church (predominately male) to receive guidance and dictate what's done as a result, but not for individuals, and especially not women, who are the birthers, so close to and communing with nature, and not in need of the church's guidance which deeply threatens the church's dominance. So it's no small feat this energy we're moving into.

Precision, timing, details, balance are all here. Moving into territory you've been afraid to because it's unfamiliar, but staying on the sidelines does not a warrior make. Leaning into the discomfort is how we become familiar with it and learn to wield our greatest power. Falling down creates the scars that make that part of us stronger. Failure is part of success, but we want to the quick fix and we only see the stories of success in the mainstream and then we judge ourselves against that and think we can't have it. Bollocks. You've got this. Let's get going!!


Mercury Retrograde — September 9 - October 1 — There is always a two-week set up phase before, and a two-week integration period afterwards. We're already in the set up phase at the top of the month. Mercury rules communication, travel, technology, thought, exchange of ideas, observation. When in retrograde these categories are all up for review.

Mars Retrograde — Oct 30 - Jan 12, 2023 — The action planet, god of war, the masculine, goes backward. This could signify a slowing down and disruption of the patriarchy, and war energy in general, but could also cause a bloom of this energy, along with Uranus retrograde — anything goes.

Uranus Retrograde — Oct 24 - Jan 22, 2023 — Planet of disruption and the unexpected, this is a time of expecting the unexpected.

Oil of the MonthFrankincense — The divine masculine, the container that allows the birth of all things. If you need help creating an account, let me know. Frankincense is in the Premium Starter Kit, the best place to start with Young Living.

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