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Spirals of Light

Pivoting off of June's Soul Message, July is again about spirals, portals and upgrades. This time it's about Spirals of Light coming in and through our spinal column and energy field as we are being upgraded with information, and learning to live and move more smoothly along the spectrum of our being. This is causing us to experience all the rough edges that are not yet smooth in order to allow us to see where our work still lives and where our attention is required. The trajectory of this journey is a continual letting go of self, the ego we know ourselves to be, the demands we have on life to be a certain way in order for us to tolerate it all.

So my advice this month is a "yesing" practice, as I recently learned from Dr. Julie Mossbridge. This is the practice of saying YES to everything that comes up. Yes to what you like, and yes to what you don't like. It's the art of allowing what is to be without an attempt to make it different. I've tried this practice myself and it's quite stunning. You may find, as I did, that as I continued on with saying YES to each thing as it arose, the edges around needing it to be different started to soften. If you want to go deeper into this type of practice, you might enjoy reading The Surrender Experiment by Michael Singer. He spent a year long saying yes to everything that came across his path, including a woman building a house on his property without asking first. The results were extraordinary, and simple at the same time, as often seems to be the case. What we complicate is often simple in its origin, and we're not all that powerful to change it anyway, so easing into the flow of life that is already present and coursing through all things is a much saner way to go. I also just finished listeningn to the audiobook Still the Mind by Alan Watts. It's only an hour and helps to anchor in this theme that there is nothing to do, nothing to change, but a continual acceptance of what is.

This is not in anyway to suggest that this is easy. I have had some of the most anxious days of my whole life this last week. Purging and clearing means that all that was buried has to come up, and that means experiencing it and witnessing it as it does. The greatest gift you can give yourself during this process is don't make it personal! The feelings that come us as energy is unearthing are not reflections on what you have or haven't done right. Heavy, painful emotion does not mean you're doing it wrong, or that you are wrong, or anything at all! This is why I've fallen so deeply in love with the practice of yoga nidra. There is a portion in all of mine that move through what's called "pairs of opposites." This practice is specially included to help us witness emotion without making a story around it. Over time it opens up tolerance in us to be with what comes up, and underneath that is a deep sense of feeling home within ourselves; a grounded anchor from which all things come. Here is my lastest one: Embracing the Hag. It's similar to coming into alignment with your inner drum or heartbeat. I love this image of metronomes coming into sync with one another. You can use this as a visual for what is happeing to us, only it's all our inner parts that are coming into sync with our own unique energetic signature. There have been a lot of distractions keeping us from this inner synchronization. That's why meditation, chanting, spending time in nature, eating well, getting more rest than you think you need, and all the practices of caring for the body are so important right now. We have to flush out what is not us to allow more of what is to anchor in. And the distraction energies seem only to be getting louder and more disruptive so these body practices are essential for balance.

In essence, a larger version of us is coming online. When we stretch one way, towards light for example, we also stretch towards dark because everything has to balance. You can't do one side without the other. This is why so much tension, trauma and deeply suppressed feelings have to come out because it's those parts of ourselves that were suppressing the light that we're coming into. All the body practices will help with this balance. And talking to your trusted people to validate this shift. It's when we keep all our feelings inside that we can't get reflection, and then we start thinking we're alone, and the downward spiral begins. So pick out a few people or trusted healers you can connect with to help you flush this stuff out and let it go.

Things to consider this month:

Let the tears come — You don't have to know what they're about. That is so totally irrelevant. Only that you let them go! I recently heard from another healer friend that physical toxins leave our body through our tears (which area also connected to the liver, so we do detox when we cry).

Try "yesing" practice — Whatever come across your path, say yes to it. Whether you like it or not. Just internally say yes. I find this helpful especially when it's something I don't like or want. Reminds me of the children's book The Three Questions based on a story by Leo Tolstoy.Things keep happening to the boy in the book that are not what he was "suppose" to be doing, but they are what he is called to do in that moment. It's a way of being present to what is and affirming life.

Dispel distraction — Employ any of the mindfulness practices you are called to to dispel distraction. The negative voices become really loud when you're shifting your energy and doing something new, as we are with these upgrades. The familiar "safe" part of us wants to keep us safe. The important part for us to remember and realize is that we weren't safe, we were imprisoned. Safety is where we're going. Trusting that inner tempo is the safety, not the other way around. The distracting voices lead us back to the chaos, not the safety.

Oil of the month — White Angelica — This is one of my favorite oils. You can pair it with other oils or use it alone. Think of it as your angel in a bottle. It's great for auric protection, especially when out and about. If you are sensitive and need clearing and protection before you go out, or when you arrive back home, this is a great one. I keep a 2ml spray bottle (add about 10 drops and water) in my office and spray it after seeing clients or doing energy work. It's my way of disconnecting and clearing my energy. You could pair it with Lemongrass for clearing psychic energy and a layer of angelic protection.

Also this month — Vetiver — oil of centering and descent. From Essential Emotions "Life can scatter one's energy and make individuals feel split between different priorities, people and activities. Vetiver brings the individual back down to earth. It assists in grounding to the physical world. Vetiver also assists individual in deeply connecting with what they think and feel. In this way, Vetiver is incredibly supportive in all kinds of self-awareness work. It helps uncover the root of an emotional issue."

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