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Softening Edges

Remember that line from Pretty Woman when she's at the opera and says about her binoculars, "mine are broken. these are broken?" In a nutshell, that's August. Her binoculars were not broken, she just hadn't flipped them all the way over.

After Portals of Love and Spirals of Light, we continue with the theme of softening edges. The walls of our hearts being pressed upon and asked to revisit information and material we thought we knew for sure. Places where we had gotten it all wrong. With one small twist, the story becomes something completely different. It's not a square or a circle, but a mandala, ever expanding, ever changing, every beautiful, if only we'll look there. The tears for me have already started. The letting go we don't understand or want to sit with. The grief that comes from nowhere and has no specific story. The call to come back here. here. here. To stay present. To listen. To be with what is instead of what we want it to be. To love the shit out of the beauty that IS there. The beauty that is US.

The timing for the premier of Barbie could not be better laid. Go see it and let the tears fall. Let all the shades of what you hadn't noticed be seen. The love of friendship, of parenting, of sistering, of all the mess. Also with incredible timing is my launch of my 40-day Learn-to-Chant Challenge on Insight Timer. I'm nearing the end of editing and not sure how long it will take to be reviewed and published with that many tracks, but it is in direct support to the energy that is coming through (of course not known by me at the time of recording as Spirit always likes to do. Just reminding us of the ever-present magic that is happening even when, or especially when, we're not paying attention.)

The things we like to lay out in a straight line. Measure. Test. Prove. The truths we are absolutely sure of. None of it is sure, and that's what August aims to show us. As we try to cast that straight line, certain that is the path we must take, only to end up on a winding road that taught us all the things we needed to learn for the road up ahead. It's very Alchemist by Pablo Coelho energy, and Alice in Wonderland, and Letting The Days Go By by Talking Heads. "My god, how did I get here?" But in the moment of detour we can feel horrible, off track, unsure, angry, disappointed, never right, always wrong, the worst, a failure at life. But, and, also, where the pain lives is also where the magic happens. We just have to be willing to hold both, and then we get to BE both. Nothing wrong, just life. Just the ever-changing seasons of this beautiful mandala we are weaving.

Things to focus on this month:

Strength Training — This can come in the form of my chanting course, meditation, exercise, play, anything that you commit to and come back to regularly FOR YOUR OWN EXPANSION. It's a commitment to self that pays you back. And it gets you on the train of practice that must be done for anything to be perfected. We have to boundary our time in order for the creation to make it earth side. This theme also came up in the Full Moon in Aquarius, August 1, now available in the shop. If it's your first time, you can use the code NEWBIE to download for free.

Community — This is a big one and we need it desperately. In person, online, in all the ways. We need opportunities to practice safety, connection, and vulnerability in safe spaces to retrain our brains and get us back to the business of thriving, knowing we have a support system and we are not alone. If you're needing this, consider joining my 9-month Intuitive Mentorship Program that meets online Sept-April and finishes with an in-person retreat to the Oregon coast in May. We connect the dots and activate the grid on the planet when we meet online (global) and bring it in person (local). It's a both/and.

Nature — She has been our ally all along, but we've been taught away from her. We have been taught that she's only there to serve us, and we don't owe her anything back. This breeds disconnection in our cells. How would you feel if you were never noticed, never honored, never thanked while you perform an exquisite dance of seasons every year? Letting go of leaves, bringing rain, bringing snow, going quiet, reflecting, and then coming back alive again to offer shade and rest during the heat as she cook off what no longer serves like magic. Hmm, sounds like being a woman. When we pause to honor, to talk to her, to thank her, she immediately comes alive with gratitude and only wants to give us more. We feel more connected and can see how we are not alone. Take time this month, and always, to talk to the trees, thank them, tell them your troubles, ask them what they need. You might be surprised what happens.

Oil of the monthCISTUS (aka Rock Rose) is the oil of boundaries, of learning where you end and another begins. This is the first oil I ever worked with, and in many ways, it saved my life. If you struggle with co-dependency and boundaries, this is the one to work with. Apply it, diffuse it, have it nearby always. It's one I return to again and again when things feel wobbly. Apothecary oils that would be good to work with this month: Saturn (includes Cistus), Mercury (retrograde coming), Venus (retrograde already here).

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