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Rich Harvest

Welcome to the rich depth of October. Just as the season brings in a whole new cycle, so are we in a new cycle of remineralizing our soil. Purpose, passion, desire, connection, commitment, truth, study, practice, and authenticity are all part of this chapter. We have all been through a lot these last years. Massive letting go has occurred and deep, deep pruning of our old lives has occurred. Most of us are looking around at our lives bewildered by the vision they see that is so completely different from where we began. It's time now to invest all of our knowledge as seeds planted deep below the surface of the soil, while the leaves fall away and the magic happens beneath the surface while we rest, listen, learn, wait and connect more deeply with ourselves.

The theme of strength training from September is still here, and will be going forward as we deepen into this new way of being. It's a call to get quiet, go within, check in with yourself before making any decisions. It's a complete 180º shift from our old way of being. We're stepping away from the status quo, from showing up on the hamster wheel of life as we've been told to do, and rather to cultivate our lives from the inside out by our own design, not by the design of others. This is paradigm shifting territory. There is no going back. The old world is dead, no matter what the media may try to portray. There are too many souls that have woken up and we now hunger for, and crave, something new. It's like a dead tree trying to hold onto it's leaves to appear still alive, but we can all clearly see it's gone. And this dissonance is what's waking more and more people up. They FEEL something different than what they're being shown, and that imbalance in resonance is helping us all see through the matrix. And like I always say, once you've seen a thing, you can't unsee it. Even if you don't understand it, it wakes up the litany of questions that arise in you, and without answers, you just can't continue believing the old way and walking the old path. This shift is waking up our internal senses and turning on our intuition again. We're coming to a place of being able to feel clearly that something doesn't make sense, and not needing outside sources to validate what we're feeling inside. This is making me personally come alive as I know these people that are waking up are my people. They are empaths, sensitives, intuitives that have known for a long time that something was off, but are finally learning to trust that inner knowing. Us sensitives are the first ones to wake up, so that we can get the new lay of the land and help others that come behind us. The ones most committed to the old way will be the last to let go. It will be a painful, slow process for them as they cling on to a life that was held together by physical and material wealth that gave them the impression they were winning at the system, only to discover there is no winning, there is no power over/power under, there is only organic life to be lived, held, loved, expressed and enjoyed, and while playing at the game of material success they missed all the good stuff that actually matters. This is a huge ego death and will be quite challenging to contend with. There is massive grief in learning you've invested so much of who you are in a system that doesn't care about you, and doesn't have your back. The moment you can't or don't give to it, it drops you. And then we feel alone, not part of the process, left out, and typically that feeling gets so bad that we go back to playing the game. But we're in new territory now and there are enough of us coming alive and creating something new that us loaners won't be so alone anymore.

So there's still pain and grief to move through, but things are looking much lighter and much kinder — starting with YOU being kind to YOU. Everything and everyone else comes after that. They only get admission when they align with your inner truth of yourself. We create our lives everyday with our beliefs. The concept of heaven and hell as a place we go to after we die has never resonated with me. It's way to aligned with the shame and punishment game that we are fed in society. What feels truer and more beautiful to me is that heaven and hell are places we create and live in everyday, and we choose which one we're going to live in every moment of every day. Our thoughts and beliefs are contagious. When we're happy, excited, inspired, we spread that to those around us. When we're sad, depressed, anxious, angry, we also spread that. And here's the key: we don't have to be afraid of our emotions; they are informing us all the time and are great tools for us to use. What matters, and the key shift, is that we are conscious of how we are reacting to our emotions, what we're telling ourselves about them, and then how we carry those out to others. My experience with this is that the joyful feelings tend to spread pretty wildly and easily. The painful emotions aren't bad or toxic in themselves, it's only when we tell ourselves they're bad, try to suppress them, and then that suppression makes us go and do horrible acts that we often can't take back. When we're conscious of them, honor them, love them, and allow them, they give us rich information that we can use to make different choices. Maybe we need to let go of a relationship or have a difficult conversation, or share a vulnerability. All of it becomes possible when we allow. And that is the rich harvest that is coming upon us. The information that will set us all free.

One of the great challenges of the last couple of years has been the s l o w i n g d o w n. When we slow down, we begin to feel all the stuff below the surface that we've been able to keep buried with busyness. As a result, many of us don't know how to feel our feelings, and we don't know what to do with them. And so we create more busyness to keep it all at bay, and the cycle just repeats itself. I believe this is why we have so much illness in this country, and across the world. We medicate to keep it all going, to keep it all buried. The best thing you can do for yourself is to let it all come up; that's the only way to remove yourself from the trap. And if you need support with this, you know where to find me! This is the backbone of the healing sessions I offer. It's a way to get in touch with what's been buried so you can see it, feel it, and release it. It's therapy on steroids.

Patchouli is the oil that came forward for this month to support all we're moving through. Patchouli is the energy of physicality. It helps us slow down, return to the body, get in touch, listen, calm down, balance and become restored. If you don't have a Young Living account, or don't want one for any reason, (why not? you get 24% off everything with no commitments), but patchouli is in my root chakra blend for this very reason. It helps us come to the roots of ourselves, to return to stillness. This is a great blend for yoga practice, meditation, resetting the nervous system, and just calming down in general. If you tend towards obsessive thoughts or behaviors, patchouli also calms this down, another reason why it rang true for being the oil of the month. If you want to dive into essential oils but don't know where to start, book a free consult with me and I'd be happy to point in the direction of what's needed for your current situation. These are my favorite tools for spiritual and healing practice because they are so versatile, while also being specific, and they offer support to get you through whatever is coming up in a nontoxic way. Side note — perfume is terrible for your endocrine system (aka your hormones)! Google it. "Fragrance" is a word used to describe synthetic smells. So if a product says rose "fragrance" it means there is no rose in it. Therefore no healing benefits, but also it is toxic for your system and putting pressure on a hormone system that is already compromised with so much plastic in the world. Check out this episode of Joe Rogan's podcast with Dr. Shanna Swan to learn more about the affects of chemical exposure on our reproductive systems.

Much love to all you! Exciting things are afoot. I'm in the process of creating an online member community where you will get automatic access to all the moon ceremonies along with lives from me, intuitive collage, and a hub for meeting like-minded folks. It's what I've been dreaming of for years! Get on my newsletter to stay informed.

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