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Reclaiming Your Magic

Updated: May 6, 2020

November is a tender-hearted month, but not in the same way as October. October had a more challenging quality in the way of grief, loss, seeing the reality of what we have created in the world, how that has effected our quality of life, and finding our power towards cleaning it up. November is tender hearted in the way of rekindling a connection with our inner fire, sweetness, beauty and magic. The lost parts of ourselves we discarded as children out of what we thought was necessity for survival, we are now getting an opportunity to reclaim. The energy this month is purifying our heart space and allowing us to let go of what is weighing us down, holding us back and generally causing grief, so we can reclaim our gifts and share those with the world. It’s about loving who we already are, and letting go of who we’re not.

The energy being activated this month is the figure 8 that moves through our heart center, horizontally from front to back. The front of the figure 8 is what we show to the world. This is the part of us that we approve of, the part we are proud of, or deem fit to be seen by others. The back of the figure 8 is what we hide. It’s what we don’t want others to see, what we don't want to deal with, or don’t know how to deal with. Those things become parts of us we have disowned, and can create a feeling that the weight of the world is literally on our shoulders. It puts pressure on our physical heart, our lungs (where grief is stored), and our upper/mid back behind the heart.

This process seems to start around middle school. I have a middle schooler and I can see it in action right now. We start tossing things back behind us that make us not fit in, things we are embarrassed of, or things we think make us weak or unacceptable. As this energy gets activated, it gives us an opportunity to unearth these cast out parts so we can love them back into being. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself crying over what seems like old, forgotten times; memories that seem insignificant to your daily life. It may be reminding you of some really sweet qualities you forgot you had, inviting you to reincorporate them. Maybe you loved to dance, or sing, or play. Even the word play may seem silly as an adult, but it was likely the essence of your youth; the thing that connected you to life.

As this energy gets pushed forward from behind the heart, the heart center acts like a filter. The things that no longer serve you will be released, letting that energy be redistributed, and what does serve you will move forward, allowing you to reincorporate it into who you are now. But here’s the catch, you have to feel the feelings that come up in order that they be transmuted; you have to see the parts of yourself that were lost, so you can love them back into being.

Tune in and begin to notice what qualities you have that you may have forgotten. What are things others say about you, but may not see about yourself? Watch for old memories, old truths, visions of magic you once held as a child; that deep connection with spirit and nature and animals; the awareness that the space between things is alive. Each persons experience of this magic — their magic, the magic of the universe and their place in it — will be different. We'll tune in to this magic in the meditation and see what things reveal themselves for you personally.

Keep on keeping on. The sweetness of magic is coming for you.

All my love, Heidi

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