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Ready to Soar

Updated: May 1, 2021

Oh my loves, what a gorgeous time we are living in. Yes, there is difficult, and strife, and everything is far from perfect, but as we move deeper and deeper into self, so much is being revealed, so much truth is coming forward, it's hard not to celebrate. And we shouldn't try stopping the flow of any of it!

May brings in this luscious energy of flight. Go where you're called, where you're guided, and LET IT BE EASY. It is that simple. When we allow energy to flow, it leads us where we are already meant to go. Less struggle, less suffering. Do we have to sit on our hands sometimes so we don't muck with the natural rhythm? Absolutely! Is it hard to let change happen? You bet! But to resist, to force change where it's not ready, to stop change where it is ready is so much more painful. Breath comes in and out, our hearts beat completely on their own. The whole dance is a total mystery and chock full of magic — when we let it be! So often we don't. We want to grab it, manipulate it, make it into something else, make it different, arrange the flow in such a way so as not to startle us, to challenge us, to catch us by surprise. We want it laid out neatly, cleanly and in a straight line. But life isn't like that. It requires masculine AND feminine, the seen AND unseen, the light AND the dark, the work AND the ease. It feels like we're finally getting this. We're finally letting flow be and happen as IT'S meant to, not as WE WANT it to be. And this is where the soaring can take place. When we allow, we can glide, we can let the wind carry us and everything isn't quite so painful. Sure we have to build reserves, we have to build muscle, we have to build strength, but then it's made easy — we lay upon the wind, the water, the flow and let ourselves be carried. This is the level of flow that is arriving now. We've seen enough struggle, we've learned what doesn't work, and enough of us are giving way to it now — and by giving way, I mean allowing life, allowing love.

A lesson that comes in individual sessions often is this:

All we're really doing here is simply learning how to give and receive love.

At the end of the day, that's it. Everything else is just an expression of those two things. Give and receive. How we do that comes in many shapes and sizes, but the basics are pretty simple.

What does this look like in practice? Letting someone in your life go that is ready to move on. Letting someone choose what they want and not asking them to be different for YOU. Letting your child grow up and away from you. Letting a job go that doesn't feel right anymore. Letting your body change. Letting your belongings change. Letting your location change. Letting a loved one pass and not holding them back energetically because you're not ready to let them go.

A couple years ago, I was present at the sudden death of someone I had just met. The group that was there did everything we could to revive him, and when it came time to let him go, we held hands in a circle around him and sang him into the next world. It was bittersweet and one of the most tender memories I hold. It was completely automatic to know we must usher him on, we must encourage him to let go and follow the wind with our voices. He was following his path. To anchor him here would be to stop the flow, to hold resistance, to imprison him. When we resist what IS, we jam up the flow of our own river, we create stagnation, we create disease. As I write this, my teenager daughter asks to take the car to run an errand. She just got her license 3 days ago. This is the territory: leaning in, letting go, breathing, allowing, gripping, white-knuckling it, but still breathing, still allowing, letting people become who they are becoming. Easier said than done, but there is an ease and flow in it. This is also the territory of working edges. It isn't that things have suddenly become easier, but when we get out of our own way, they have a possibility of flowing that they wouldn't if we're standing in the river, damning up the flow.

With the energy that April brought, we're starting to learn the gifts that come from building a life from the inside out, rather than the outside in. When you get honest with yourself and others (another energy May is calling upon) about where your life is and where you are in it, you can see it for what it is, and then honestly and reverently make changes. It's tender, but it's real, something we've been missing for a very long time. We've been taught to put on a good show and be what others what us to be. As we offer grace to others to be who they are, we do the same for ourselves, and then there is no other way to live. It just begins to defy logic and defy gravity to ask something or someone to be different than they are.

Things to consider this month:

Root out what doesn't support you — Take a good long look at what is working and what is not. The sooner you let go of what doesn't work, the easier your flight will be. This includes people, jobs, homes, possessions. You're not helping anyone by hanging on, least of all yourself.

Meditation — Always and forever. We need to ground big time right now. Quiet the mind and let yourself rest. It will make knowing what stays and goes a much easier task. Insight Timer is a great app that I use to help track your meditation, find guided meditations, or just use their timer.

Movement — Physicality is being called for. You need chutzpah to make the hard choices, to make it up the mountain, to speak your truth. Building that strength and fire starts in your belly and gets pulled up from the earth through the core of your being. Make it happen. Push yourself and that grit.

Suggested Oil of the Month — Patchouli, the hippie oil! But really, it holds the energy of physicality. It teaches you how hold still through the discomfort, to hold on to who you are in the face of someone or something that wants to change you. From Essential Emotions: "Patchouli supports individuals in becoming fully present in their physical body. It balances those who feel devitalized and who seek to escape the body through spiritual pursuits or other forms of distraction. Patchouli tempers obsessive personalities by bringing them down to reality and teaching them moderation. This oil is grounding and stabilizing. It assists in releasing emotional judgments and issues related to the body, such as believing the body is unholy or dirty. This oil helps with body image distortions and general body dislike."

dōTERRA Free Oil of the Month for LRP Members — CLEMENTINE — this one is not typically for sale, so you’re only opportunity to grab it is with a promo like this. One of the citrus oils, it supports mood, clearing, digestion, and great to add to cleaning products.

All my love, Heidi

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