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Portals of Love

This month's energy is just stunning. Sobering, leveling, allowing, compassionate, everything belongs. The image I was shown for June was a portal. Heavy, weighted by gravity, pulling us down into the earth, closer to the mother, closer to love, closer to understanding. It's as if all the walls surrounding our hearts are dissolving and love is the only answer left. Any attempt we make to be right will be thwarted. We will suffer. We will be sad. We will be alone in that old way of doing business. Because after all, love isn't a business. Love isn't busy-ness. Love is soft, slow, allowing, tender, swelling, circular, urge driven, it takes the long way home, it daydreams, it pays attention to the sound of the leaves, it tastes each morsel, it's curious, it beckons, it's tantric. We are being called into rhythm with the mother, which is into rhythm with our own heartbeats. Not because we get anything back, but simply because it is how it was and is intended to be.

We have erected walls in order to be right, to be safe, to be protected. Meanwhile, those walls have kept us imprisoned. Every time we blame someone else, we throw darts at them, let the anger we feel control us, we limit the space we actually get to live in. It haunts us like a curse. We cut off our own oxygen, or as the saying goes, cut our nose to spite our face. It's a lose/lose. When we expand, when we allow, when we offer compassion and understanding, we get that it all belongs. We belong. We are loved. We are wanted. We are needed, and we all have value. It's our job to find our unique skill, gift, offering and develop that gift into something the world can benefit from.

I imagine our month will be filled with tears of joy, of release, of letting go, of falling off our high horses, of letting everyone belong, and softening of our own hearts to include ALL of ourselves. Vulnerability is key this month. It's the new path forward. The new black. We're going to be discovering that vulnerability IS safety. When we are vulnerable and honest with where we are, not trying to cover up how we feel to protect ourselves or appear invulnerable, we actually have a greater chance at getting our needs met, and staying safe in our boundaries because we are being ourselves, and that is our boundary. And it's a lot less work!

Things to consider this month:

Be Still — There is a lot moving, and it will likely be tender at times. The best thing you can do is stay present with it, be quiet, and listen. Share it with a trusted friend or your journal. But mostly just let it happen. Let the tears flow. Let the internal change take place.

Commune with Nature — Be amongst nature as much as you can. Just sitting in the park or out in nature has a huge capacity to shift, cleanse, purify, and ground your energy. It will help alchemize all that is dissolving and help you shed what is no longer needed.

Breathe — Breath practices, chanting, yoga nidra, all help regulate our nervous system and balance our energy by getting us in touch with our breath and slowing down. Remember that grief is stored in the lungs, so when we breathe, we release. With intention it is even more so.

Oil of the month — MYRRH is the oil of the month from Young Living. Myrrh is the oil of Mother Earth. As much of our distrust and anxiety comes from the mother wound (whether it's the physical mother, or a disconnection from mother earth and the divine mother), Myrrh is the oil to support that being healed. From Essential Emotions, "This oil support individuals who have had disturbances with the mother-child bond. Whether it's a division between the child and the biological mother or Mother Earth herself, Myrrh can help bridge the gap and heal the disturbance." If you need help creating a Young Living account follow the link above, check my Aromatherapy page, or reach out and I can support you directly.

Apothecary oils of the month — Three oils come up for us this month: Venus, Neptune and Root Chakra. Venus is all about love and relationships. Neptune is the higher octave of Venus and is about the merging or dissolving of disparate parts into oneness. Root chakra is about connection to the earth, and even has Myrrh in it, so it does double duty here with the oil of the month.

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