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Planting The Seeds

Updated: Sep 30, 2019

September brings in a sweet container energy. We are being held in subtle support to help us get laser focused on the seeds we want to plant for the next year.

We are leaving yang energy (spring and summer, fire and air, up and out) and moving into yin energy (fall and winter, water and earth, in and down), and so it's a time of transition. We take our attention away for the external and redirect it inward. Assess how the last year has gone. Are you happy with what you created? What would you like to do differently this next year? What needs time for integration? What is outdated, and what wants to be created?

We are in Virgo season now, which really supports the clearing away of what we don't need (what belongs outside the container), and laser focus on what we do need (what belongs inside the container). Use this energy to clear and clean your desk, your house, your mind, your body, your goals, your schedule. We are being held and supported to plant the thoughts, ideas, and dreams of summer insights. This is much the same as when we return from vacation and have a whole new perspective on how we want to live, and what we want to create — now that we've had the playfulness and expansion of space, vacation, summer. This is the benefit of balancing both sides of the yin/yang, being/doing, and what following and noticing the seasons help us to honor.

Things to focus on this month:

Boundaries — This container energy calls for attention to boundaries. What are you allowing in, what are you keeping out, and are those helpful and supportive? Get rid of distractions and boundary your time so you can focus on what you want to create next. Pay special attention to schedule, routine and space. Plan out your calendar so the days are already set aside; that will help you get into a routine and the boundaries will be working for you. Take inventory of your space. Imagine your home is your desk. Clear out what is in the way, so you have space for creativity, free of clutter. This is a great time to start clearing the house, Marie Kondo style, if you haven't already. However, since we're talking about boundaries, make sure not to get so distracted that you don't attend to what you want to create (the seeds to plant). This goes back to schedule. Choose a few days to clear, and a few days to create so you stay focused on your intentions. Set specific goals and make them attainable.

Body — Transition between yin and yang seasons (both at spring and fall) are times especially to focus on the body. This will help move energy into the new cycle. In Fall we ground, so getting into your body will help. Seeing a practitioner for a tune up is a great choice. Acupuncture, massage, energy work, meditation, sound healing, exercise, visiting a gym (this will help with the routine of boundaries as well); anything that helps you connect inward with your body. Sleep is also important. In order to vision into your next creation you need to be well rested. Meditation also helps calm the mind towards sleep.

Brainstorming — Since we're transitioning seasons and getting ready to plant seeds, we want to spend time brainstorming for our future. What are those insights from Summer we want to put into action? Make this really playful and fun. Go for a walk or hike, and let your mind wander. Meditate on it and see what comes forward. But make sure also to get these things on paper so you can start bringing the etheric down into the physical. You could even do a vision board to help kick off the brainstorming, while bringing it into the physical simultaneously.Have fun with it; we get to play here!

Enjoy your Fall; it's a fun time of co-creating with Spirit, getting cozy, and settling in to the next big growth phase. Happy planting!

All my love, Heidi

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