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Nurture Your Nature

Updated: May 6, 2020

This month, energy is moving down and out our feet, connecting us to, and wrapping us around the earth. We are being tuned in to the earth’s magnetic pull and patterns, the NATURE of our MOTHER (mother nature). She is calling us to NOTICE. Notice ourselves, notice her, notice our patterns, our own nature, notice where we are ignoring our soul needs. Everything to do with earth, grounding, connecting to soil, connecting to the richest parts of ourselves that likely haven’t been nurtured properly. We have been taught to focus on the external (our masculine energy) and have been taught to be ashamed of and hide our internal (feminine energy). Can we tune in and meet our own internal needs before fulfilling others needs of us? Can we shift and bring those to the forefront? Work can wait. Your self care, your creativity, your vitality, your life force, your grief and everything that is hiding under the surface not yet tended to can’t.

We are in transition to a heart-centered world and the ways in which we moved prior to now are outdated and won't sustain us going forward. Balance is key - masculine and feminine must come together. The world is shifting and we are shifting with it. We can no longer power through and just keep going. Energy and time are moving at a rapid pace and we have to adjust how we do what we do in order to keep up. If you’re feeling short, cranky, tight, bunched up, trapped in the myth that there is not enough time, these are keys that something is off track. A check-in is required to figure out what that thing is and make an adjustment. Also note that losing it, emotionally or mentally, is right on time at the moment. If you’re falling apart, you’re not alone. This adjustment takes massive shifts in our physical body and the rest of us has to slow down and catch up in order to maintain.

In addition to planetary transition, we are also in transition from one year to the next and attention must be paid. One of my teachers taught me years ago that January is a gathering time, a sloughing off of the last year, visioning for the future — the year itself doesn’t really start energetically until February. So give yourself that pause, that gift to reflect and refine. We can often feel this rush to perform, to start the new year “right”, to cram in new year’s resolutions and go big or go home. But that rush can cause us to crash and burn. Slow and steady wins the race. What do you want to let go of? What do you want to cultivate? What do you need to grieve? What do you need to celebrate? This can be about yourself, about others, about the world. It’s been an incredible year, one full of beautiful triumphs and heartbreaking setbacks. The dial is moving, but it’s a lot to take in. Give yourself space to notice it all, AND do something with it. We can get really clogged up if we don’t attend to this internal energy and move it through and out of our body. Attending to earth, is also attending to the body. Get a massage, go to a float tank, go to therapy, get an energy healing session, “write like a mother fucker”, go to the gym, go for a walk, meditate, scream into a pillow, do yoga, call a friend, stare out the window, curl up with a blanket and let the tears flow. Crying is not a sign of failure! We are sensitive beings and we absorb energy and that energy has to move out of us or it gets stuck and wreaks havoc. Consciously massage your energy. Let your system know “Hey, I see you and I’ve got your back. You’re not alone.”

If you can get yourself into nature, that will be the best thing you can do for yourself. Stop and talk to your earth mother — she knows what you need, she knows your pain and frustration, she wants to celebrate your successes! I feel like a broken record sometimes talking about self care, but the more I learn about it and study this within myself, the more I discover that it is a non-negotiable. Everything else in our life will suffer if we do not attend to this one thing. This is the act of rooting within ourselves. When that is in tact, we can handle most things.

On my recent retreat to Costa Rica with Lee Harris, he talked about the “little r” and the “big R.” The R stands for responsibility. The Big R is all the things we do out in the world for others, our external responsibilities. The little r is the responsibility to ourselves. It’s the little r that feeds the Big R. If we don’t care of ourselves, we burn out and can’t keep giving to the external. This months message of getting in touch with our nature is so perfectly aligned with Lee’s teaching. We have to nourish our own soil in order to have the resources available to care for others, and to bring our own gifts and offerings to the external world.

So there it is — put on your oxygen mask first!

With the holidays and the rushing behind us, I would be remiss if I did not mention the ever-common pool we can be in after the holidays. We gather everything we have left in the tank to travel, to shop, to bake, to give, and we need time to inhale again when it’s all over. Be gentle and give yourself that space. Cancel plans if you need to and curl up with a blanket. Rome wasn’t built in a day. We are only as powerful as our rest allows us.

Cheers to an awesome 2019. I feel the wave of beautiful and soulful change on the horizon for all of us. It may not be what we were expecting, but I feel it will be even richer than we had hoped for.

All my love, Heidi

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