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Navigating Challenging Times

Updated: May 6, 2020

When I tuned in to the energies presenting at this time, I got the image of a sandstorm. It’s as if God, Spirit, The Universe is blowing breaths upon us to free us from the dust and debris that is clouding our vision and making for chaos. The tableau of the planet like a chalkboard covered in chalk, and the powers that be are attempting to free us from all this clutter and disillusionment. So much activity and perpetual shift is causing the sense of a sandstorm within us. The energies are up, up, up as if we’re suspended in air between breaths without a sense of relax, relief, and grounding. It’s causing fatigue, bewilderment, and a sense of never being able to catch up, slow down, and just be; to enjoy the times of yesteryear when things seemed slower and easier.

The narrative of who we have been is being adjusted and wiped clean so we can create a more balanced, more just world. As much as we’d like to clean the slate and move on to the rebuilding phase, the energies aren’t settling quickly because we need time to purge what has been, and space enough to get really clear about what we want to create next. If it happens too quickly, without that clarity, we run the risk of creating the new world out of an unconscious desperation; a desire to stop this awful feeling of upheaval, suspension, destruction and craziness, so we can get on with putting up the new brick and mortar. But without letting ourselves be fully cleansed, letting all the ugliness we have created come to the surface, we can’t properly clean before we rebuild. We would end up building a new structure on top of a half broken building. So although it may feel tiresome and endless, we must to let the destruction process fully complete before we can move on to the rebuilding phase.

It’s awakening all of us to our energetic, emotional and spiritual selves. We are not just our bodies, as we have been taught to believe up to now. We have loosely of figured out that we have a mental body (only because it drives us crazy), but we haven’t quite fully met our emotional, spiritual, energetic and heart bodies yet. Those reading this are likely sensitive beings that are aware of these other parts, but I speak of the collective here, the majority, what is in the water we drink. All the chaos has a purpose. Once we know we have energy bodies, that our spiritual, emotional and heart-centered selves are present as well, then we can begin tending to those parts as REAL. And once we begin tending to

them, then we will know we have to include them in what we’re creating. We can no longer claim ignorance. So as much as they love us, our emotional and energetic bodies have to go off the rails in order to get our attention. We are slow learners and it seems this is the only way we wake up. We have to be suffering before we’ll acknowledge we need help.

What does all of this mean? We have to start tending to our inner lives as much as we do to our outer lives. Just like brushing our teeth, it has to be that necessary — a daily ritual. Let go of focusing on the collective dust, the breakdown of all the things we’ve created that are no longer working, and focus inward on what’s happening in your body, and what may have gone unnoticed up to now. When we tend to our inner selves, we begin to create a still point, an anchor that we pivot from, instead of accessing who we are and how we’re doing from the outside. When we begin to change that orientation, what happens outside is less important; it doesn’t throw us off our game quite as much. That inner orientation will also allow us to get in touch with who we are, who we are here to be, and what gifts we have to offer this new world.

How can you support yourself during this shift?

Community — This one is huge. Connect with community to know you are not alone. By connecting with others you create a shared vision of the future. Shared experience and knowledge create better outcomes as more experience from different walks of life get included and incorporated into the new earth.

A core few — So although community is important, it is also important to garner your trusted few. The ones you can go deep and be real with on a more intimate level. This is creating community at a different depth, and helps build trust in the larger community as well, but it also strengthens the muscle of trust in vulnerability and in yourself to handle what comes up.

Alone time — I think it was Lee Harris, energy intuitive extraordinaire, that suggested spend ing at least 2-3 hours, 2-3 times per week alone. We are going though such rapid shift, it feels breakneck at times and we need a chance to reset. This can feel really strange to allow yourself that much time especially as mothers, partners, adults with multiple responsibilities, but that brings me to my next suggestion…

Do less — The need for individual self care is so crucial right now that it requires we do less than we are accustomed to in order to make space for it. Cut back responsibilities that look like busy “doing” to make space for “being.” Naps, walks, connecting with your people, staring out the window, creating, making art. Our brains need down time with all this busy energy and rewiring a flutter.

We’ll do a meditation this month to tune into how you’re doing so you can best care for yourself and learn to navigate these new waters. Most of all, be kind to yourself, be kind to others, and know that you are loved and supported.

All my love, Heidi

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