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Updated: Mar 14, 2021

Oh dear, 2020. We thank you, and we send you packing. 🧳

Can you feel the bustling fresh energy coming in to prop us up, give us hope, and prepare us to build the new? It feels palpable to me. Almost like I could reach out and touch it. Electric. Wild. Free. That WILD that we connected with last month has connected us in with the body, our primal nature. We can no longer ignore we are a living, breathing expression of the truth. Spirit in human form. Our actions and deeds have meaning, power, vitality, and potential harm if we are careless in our wielding. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. It's time to get purposeful, to notice all that is infinitely connected to one another.

How we treat others is how we treat ourselves.

How we treat ourselves is how we treat others.

Distant, connected, angry, hopeful, joyful, vengeful, balanced, tired. We are emanating energy all the time. We are sending messages as we do this. What message are you sending, and is it the one you intend to send?

January comes in with fresh energy, a clean slate, a place to ask all these questions. Investigate, hunker down, clean, clear, purge. Take inventory of what is in and around you. What belongs there and what doesn't? In order to get clear about this, we need a purpose, an intent, a trajectory, a goal. And in order to do that, it's time for some sorting. This is the work of the small intestine, deciding what stays and what goes. But first you have to eat the food. And in this case, you have to go through what you have, place hands on, let it tell you where it belongs. This can be a bitch (who wants to work on clearing out the basement, the attic, or the back of your closet), but I promise it has fruitful results. Kind of like a healthy functioning digestive tract: no bloating, no gas, just ease, vitality and strength. This is because the excess has been removed, the body isn't painfully wasting its energy on unnecessary tasks, so you're left with more vitality. The same goes for your life, your home, your psyche, and yes, your closet.

But make no mistake, this clean slate doesn't come for free.

It isn't automatic; it's an offering, a potential, a gift. We have to actually do the sorting, this is the wielding that only YOU can do. Hands on, garbage out, magic in. Use this month wisely. Take your time, sit, listen, be the container holding space for yourself; and then, when the answer comes: act, clear it out, bring it in, organize it, polish it, make it pretty, prepped and ready for your year ahead. We have this power, but we don't always use it. That's what we're learning to do this year — witness the power we actually have, and USE IT! We have been taught to discard this power, to look away from it, to focus only on the physical. It's a great help to advertisers and merchants, but it doesn't help evolve our spiritual awakening.

I've been talking about the ocean wave, the rise and fall, the light and dark, the seen and the unseen — this way we are being taught to surf, to trust, to lean towards our goals even when they aren't in clear view. We may see them for a second, and then they're gone. But now that we've seen it, we can't unsee it, and in that way it's giving us encouragement to keep going, to reach for it even when it's out of view. Dancing with the light and dark, bringing the two into balance. After all, they are both us, the light and the dark, the masculine and the feminine. We will forever be walking with a limp, or driving our car with a flat tire until we claim both parts of ourselves. The numerology of the year could not be better for supporting this.

2021 is a 5 year. 2+2+1=5. Last year was a 4 year. Four is all about balance, stability, sustainability, and while last year felt entirely unstable — you have to remove what's creating instability to come into balance. And so we have. Five is about action, creation, design. You have to build the foundation before you can do something on it. One = the seed (root chakra). Two = the germination (sacral chakra). Three = strength (solar plexus). Four = purpose (heart chakra). Five = expression (throat chakra). And so we are expressing and creating. The table we've built now has 4 legs, making it more stable than a 3-legged stool. Now that the table is steady, we have a surface with which to create. Bring out the art supplies! But first, back to that sorting and organizing. Is your desk clean? Do you have the proper art supplies? Is there clutter getting in your way? So you see, it's a loop. What you put out, you get back.

A messy space is a cluttered mind. A clean space is a free mind.

Heavy emotions keep you stuck and weighted. Light emotions lift you up and help you dance.

Speaking of, as many of you heard in my end-of-year newsletter, I'm now offering DoTERRA essential oils as part of my practice. Just in time for play! I had wanted to add on oil of the month to help folks integrate the current energies. Then totally forgot about it when I sat down to write, but my guides didn't let me forget. In walks the abundance of Wild Orange. Of course! It offers the energy of a Spring morning with the best playlist for cleaning the house. From the Essential Emotions book: "Wild Orange addresses a wide variety of emotional issues. It inspires abundance, fosters creativity, and supports a positive mood. Wild Orange also reconnects individuals with their inner child and brings spontaneity, fun, joy, and playfulness into one's life." So perfect for what we are creating and for getting back to that inner child, play, and dancing with our wild. When we are afraid (scarcity), it makes it hard to create. Wild Orange will help you break through that constraint and get you dancing and cleaning, prepping your space and your body for what's to come. Plant medicine is where it's at this next year. As we commune with the plant spirits, they teach our body and mind the lesson of that plant. As we are coming back into right relationship with the earth, it's a natural process to be adding plant medicine into your routine for support. Visit my DoTERRA page to order, or reach out for more info about membership & wholesale pricing — like a Costco membership for your soul.

The last overarching theme I feel coming in is surrendering to the timing of nature. We aren't in control of timing anyway, but we'd sure like to believe we are. A lesson last year delivered right to our front door. This goes back to learning to surf. Hold, contain, listen when we don't know what to do. Act, create, offer when we do. Yin and yang, dark and light, inaction and action. This is the balance nature is asking us to come into — both sides of ourselves. Another gift plant medicine offers — congruence with our own inner timing. Rest when we're called to rest. Act when we're called to act — not action for action sake, for bottomline, for keeping up with the Jones'. You are your own self, you're not a Jones, unless you are, and then do it in your own Jones' way, not based on what the other Jones' are doing.

Suggestions for the Month —

Self Care — This one is coming in heavy for me. I've recently started using my sonic slider again, and just ordered my first set of gua sha tools for the body and face. These tools, as well as dry brushing, help slough dense energy from the body, tone and firm the muscles so you can feel lighter and free in your physical body, which is absolutely lifting my energy and spirit as well. I've been pairing mine with essential oils to bring it to the next level.

Clearing — Obvi! This whole post has been circling the subject. Clean, clear, purge. The body, the mind, the home. This goes for people too, but if you lean into this other cleaning, that will clear out too, likely all on its own. Clear your closet, clear your desk, clear all the things you no longer like but have kept around anyway; make what IS there reverent. Highlight your favorite knick knacks, pictures, clothes so those can shine. Individuation is also coming up; find yours and let it ring! And bonus — what you make space for has a place to germinate, and therefore, a much better chance of growing. You can't become an artist without a place to paint.

Surrender — Let yourself come into the rhythm of nature and what your own spirit is calling you to. When you hear it, act. When you don't, listen. This is also part of honing your intuition. When you listen and follow what you hear, the guidance comes more and more rapidly because your guides see you are using what they are offering, and so they want to offer more.

Recommended Oil of the Month — Wild Orange — Abundance

Free Oil of the Month from DōTERRA for LRP members — Tea Tree Touch — Energetic Boundaries.

Revel in the energies this month, let them guide the way.

All my love, Heidi

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