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A New Frequency

We are headed into new territory in April with the support of Pluto now in Aquarius. Pluto has been in Capricorn since 2008 (commerce, capitalism, and the structures that run our world). Pluto just moved into Aquarius March 23 and will be there until June, then dipping back into Capricorn until January of 2024. Once it returns it will remain there until 2043. Yes, that's correct, 20 years. So this is a massive shift in energy for the collective. And Aquarius, as luck would have it, is ruled by energy. So building off of March (Divine Order and the fibonacci spiral), we have a new frequency here to help us shift the energy of the collective, out of focus on the material, and into focus on energy. We are 99.9999999999999% energy and only .00000000000001% matter, but we have been focusing only on the matter, the seen realm, when it has almost no power. The power lies in the energy. Change the energy, change the matter. What we focus on changes shape as we focus on it. Scientifically, when we place our attention on something, the molecules begin to change shape towards the intention of our attention. This is why these two things are so powerful: intention and attention. We are going to start waking up to this and realizing we are almost ALL energy, and so we must focus on it. We must tend to it, just like brushing our teeth: every day. It's not a thing we get to when we have time, we MAKE time, or nothing happens. Our lives don't change. The planet doesn't change. We don't change. It's only by focusing on it that anything shifts. Just like you won't get the thing you desire without carving out dedicated time to building it.

So what does all this mean for April? The image for this month gives you an idea. A divine spiral is still here with us, now pulsing out a new frequency that is raising our vibration. Imagine a spiral with sludge built up on the inside of the spiral. Like mud built up on the inside of a bike wheel. All of that sludge is our old dense beliefs and thinking that all need to be kicked off now and released back into the ether to be repurposed, reutilized and upgraded. "Let it go, let it go...." comes to mind from frozen. We can't hold the frozen parts of ourselves anymore. The tighter you try to hold them, the more painful it will become. The divine feminine is rising in all of us, and it loves us unconditionally. So the ways that we don't treat ourselves in kind are being challenged now. We have gotten comfortable with limitation, with abuse even, and so when it's not present we tend to bring it upon ourselves, or abuse others just to exercise the energy of it. So the support we're getting now is to help us release these old patterns, but because they've been internalized, and even identified with, it may be easier said than done. And don't be surprised if the sludge you shed comes out in a yucky fashion towards someone in the crossfire, or if someone else's comes towards you.

It matters less HOW this happens now,

and more that it DOES happen.

Being conscious of it can help so you can work with the energy more intentionally when it does arise. It's not personal, it's just energy. We have calcified beliefs and thinking built up in our system that just need to be released. So if it happens in an ugly way, just be kind to yourself and be glad it's been released. There are time for apologies, and those may prove to be essential to bringing people back together after a long divide.

There's a deeper teaching and calling here as this pertains to divine feminine energy. There has been a rupture in sisterhood energy from centuries of betrayal, dishonesty and competition that was used to survive in the harsher patriarchal energy, but as this lifts and breaks down now, the sisterhood must repair itself. Those of us that struggle with deep insecurities, that have perhaps used these lower vibrating energies for a long time may have a harder time releasing them. They may want to continue to attack other women as a way of hanging on to what they know. The final death rattle so to speak. Those of us that have been on this path a long time and desire harmony over being right, are going to have an easier time with this energy — and yet, there is a deeper calling for us. We must be the ones that continue to beat the drum of freedom to help our sisters release their grip on the old ways of control. They may resist, they may even attack us, but our job is to just keep beating the drum. Receive bolstering from your sisters that are doing similar work, and forgive the others for they know not what they do. They don't know they are going against themselves when they harm their fellow sisters. And so we must just continue to resonate the truth so they can hear the call to come back home.

Things to focus on this month —

Vibration — Energy has never been more important as it is right now. Coming into alignment with yourself and your higher purpose are the call. Use whatever modality speaks to you: tuning forks, listening to frequencies, chanting, sound bowls, drumming, dancing, salt baths, energy healing, meditation, yoga nidra (check out mine on insight timer), kundalini yoga, essential oils, dietary cleanse, etc. Keeping your vessel clean is the goal. There is a lot kicking off on it's own, but anything you can do to support the release of it the better.

Routine — In line with attending to your vibration, is routine. The consistency of it is the key. Only doing it once or twice means almost nothing. It's the consistency of it, the daily use of these tools, that supports the strengthening of your vibration. Just like exercise, one ab routine does not make a six-pack.

Tuning In — Regularly checking in with yourself is also key. This is the way to bring in communion by collecting data on how you're doing. If you don't know, you can't adjust what may be needed. So gone are the days of bumbling through life without pausing to connect with yourself. One of my teachers talks about doing this three times a day, using the code of trinity, to anchor this in. You can simply put your hand on your heart, close your eyes, and check in. How are you doing? What do you need? Making these micro adjustments will help you strengthen your resonance over time as you repeatedly anchor in your heaven on earth vibration.

Oil of the month — There are two oils this month for different purposes, and perhaps different people. If you struggle with letting go of control, you'll want to use RELEASE. This will help release that sludge that wants to hang on. If you have less of an issue with control, and prefer to anchor in the vibration of where we are going, rather than where we are, you'll want to use FREEDOM. If you resonate with both, you may want to use them in tandem. There is even a FREEDOM & RELEASE BUNDLE that has both of these oils, and is a great support for those that struggle with sleep. I've heard nothing but good feedback from the use of this bundle.

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