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Updated: Jun 5, 2022

Hello, loves. Welcome to June, and this wild west we're living in. We are at a critical point in our journey that begs us to turn around and notice how far we've come. Often on this healing journey called life, we forget to turn around and honor our path, to be a witness to our own journey. We are so focused on forward movement that we just focus on the next thing, and the next thing, and the next thing. We notice what everyone else is doing, and we compare. As a dear friend of mine says: "to compare is to despair." It's a cesspool that will only take you down. I have a post-it on my computer that says:

"No Distractions. Do What YOU Love."

Emphasis on YOU, because you are the only one of your kind. Only YOU can create what you create. We need more of each individual giving their unique gifts. I did a reel on copycats recently too. They're out there thinking they only matter if they do what others are doing. They haven't found the beautiful well of creativity within themselves. It's a painful place to be. Love them, and focus on what YOU are doing. They are just another distraction.

Take a moment this month to stop, turn around, and truly take in where you've come from and how far you've gone. I know for sure you're not who you were two years ago. This ever-evolving world needs who you are now. If you need support, I've just added mentoring sessions to my services, or come get a Spirit Reading or have an Intuitive Healing Session. You won't be the same afterwards, and you'll get great insight to who it is you are becoming.

Another call this month is to dive deep into the body. It has your answers and it longs to be noticed. What lays in the recesses of your awareness that will give you great insight into what your soul longs to express. Meditation, chanting, etc. I'm doing the crown chakra chant again to clear out old ancestral karma if you want to join me. It's super powerful. Recommended for 40 days in a row. Watch yourself fly. If you don't have male beads you can find some on my favorites page, or set your timer for about 30 minutes for this chant.

The Ram Dass quote I mentioned in the video:

you're right HERE, AGAIN

and what blows your mind is you were HERE all the time &

it's a such a cosmic joke.

it's so funny your struggle to get HERE.

Oils for the Month — VALOR for strength, courage, confidence as we traverse the wild unknown. WHITE ANGELICA for auric protection as we clear from our space things that are not needed, and may be distracting us. I wear them both every day.

See my reel on psychic energy depletion from digital content as well.

Stay tuned for more offerings as they come through in my own transformation. 🔥

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