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Christed Light

Well, I can't even believe I'm about to report on energy with this title, but that's what I heard, so let's go.

After an extremely challenging year we are receiving a major energetic update in the quality and amount of light our energy bodies can hold. Some of this is to help kick out the old, lower, dense energies like fear, anger, anxiety, grief, rage, hatred, disconnection, loss, heartache, and all the emotions we are meant to feel that often get buried. Some of them get created from confusion as we make up stories about something that happened to give ourselves an answer when no answer often feels intolerable. Sometimes there's just a misunderstanding about what's happening and we carry that with us. And sometimes something happened that is so horrific that our bodies just can't process it at that time, or we don't have space to process it properly and it gets buried.

It seems we're all getting pushed on with this light as an encouragement to let go of these painful experiences. We can't take them with us as we rebuild the world around us that is simultaneously dying. Out with the old, in with the new. The harder you cling, the heavier and more burdensome these energies will become. We must clear out the relationships gone sour, the painful memories of the past that are dictating our present, and therefore future, and let go of the hierarchy within so that it can truly dissolve in the external world as well.

So I want to say that light and relief is coming, but with the caveat that as the old is leaving it can feel very uncomfortable. As they say, you have to feel to heal it. It's almost like we're watching a movie of our life in review, being shown all the places we're still holding on to the past. As we see it, it's an opportunity to release it. And, believe me, the opportunities will keep presenting until you actually do. God, Spirit, the universe, our higher selves, whatever you want to call this grand body of energy we are connected to, it loves and cares for us, and wants us to live in our fullest expression — outside of fear, pain and judgment. It wants us to know that we are not alone, that WE ARE ALL EQUAL already, it's only the fighting that exists in our own minds that tells us otherwise. The hierarchy has been made up, and we follow suit because that's what we are told to do, and so that's what we think is available to us, but it's a LIE. We have WAY more power and control that we realize, and whoever and whatever is benefiting from us playing small does not want us to wake up and figure this out. In fact, it wants us to continue waring with each other, which is why that's all we see on the public stage. If they can convince us that we are at war with everything and everyone, we will play that out. It's a loop, and our waring engagement just feeds the whole system. When we dissolve the war within, one by one, we gain momentum towards a more just, true, honest, and loving world.

Suggestions for this month —

Identify your tools — Most often when we are in triggers, all rationale goes right out the window, so it's important to have our preferred tools identified and at the ready when we need them. This is always good to know, but especially right now. Some of mine are: walks, meditation, chanting, baths, exercise, and of course, essential oils. When the tension gets high, I know I can just grab for one of those to help ground me again. Our sense of smell is the fastest way to reach the brain, so that's my go-to, first and foremost.

Be in witness — This is sort of in the category of meditation, but it's more of an active meditation in the moment-to-moment. When the challenge hits, when the paint is peeling off the walls and all the triggers are up (it is the holiday season after all), see if you can practice being in witness. Just observe what's happening without engaging, telling a story about it, trying to be right, needing to be heard, etc. Let the situation just be what it is, and let others be who they are, and express how they're expressing. They're likely in their own triggers and trying to cope with this change as well. The more you can be in witness, the more you can...

Let it go — And as those things come up, and you are in witness, try to let go of the grip you have around something. Let it be messy, ugly, not right, imperfect, etc. It will help to loosen the story around it, and therefore release you from entanglement with it.

Oil of the month — There were a whole group of oils that wanted to come through for this month, but CEDARWOOD landed as the truest guidance for us right now. Cedarwood is the oil of community and belonging, the one that dissolves the hierarchy and lets us know we ALL belong, and we ALL have a place here. There is no competition. If you don't have Cedarwood, I highly recommend investing in it. It's a very inexpensive oil, and once you have it, you'll want it in every room, your car, your purse, etc. But, if you don't have it and need something else, grab any of the calm-the-fuck-down oils. My go-to's are: lavender, frankincense, stress away, cedarwood and release. Frankincense and lavender are in the third eye blend in the shop. Mars is the planetary blend this month as we are still in Mars retrograde until January 12, and we need all the help we can get letting go of toxic masculinity and letting in divine masculinity that lives within all of us.

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