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Mars is the action planet. The warrior, the fighter, the champion full of drive, doing, swiftness, taking charge, ascertion and leadership. It is yang, masculine. 


Use this blend when needing the determination to get it done, to balance Venus, to stave off lethargy and apathy.


These blends are designed to be used in multiple ways. Helpful to pair with your astrology sign (where Aries or Scorpio lives in your chart), during transits, when needing the energy of that planet, or when balancing the opposite energy (too much Venus).


Ingredients: coconut oil, black spruce, cardamom, cinnamon bark, ginger, clove, sandalwood, jasmine, vanilla, damiana leaf, tangerine, camphor, blue tansy, geranium, frankincense


Mars Oil Blend

  • No returns or exchanges, but please contact me if you have problems with any order. 

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