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Boxed In

Well, folks, I'm sorry to be the bearer of this news but I think we're in for a doozy. Some might call it a dark night of the soul, some might call it a dark night of the ego, some might call it a journey to the underworld. Either way, it doesn't leave you the same as you began.

The image I was shown this month was a box within a box, within a box, within a box, within a box. The edges of this box are so tight and confined they will not let us out of learning the hard lessons. And if we try to struggle, we will be brought to our knees, and may be anyway. This is the time to really tune into the phrase: let go or be dragged.

We have five planets in retrograde, most notably Mars, which is retrograde through January. Mars is the action planet, the masculine, moving forward, fire. When it's in retrograde you can expect for nothing much to move forward. It's sort of sit-still-and-watch-it-all-melt experience, and that is a form of moving forward, but only after you've been brave enough to let it all die. What you thought you were doing before will not be the same as when you finish. There is more information to gather before you have all the details to know where you're going. With the world rooted in masculine energy, this could signal a massive shift. The world has been operating from a masculine lens, but not the DIVINE masculine. They are VERY different.

Divine masculine respects and honors the feminine.

Divine masculine knows the feminine is not only necessary for balance,

but necessary for the health of all.

Divine masculine is not afraid of divine feminine.

In fact, it revers divine feminine and looks towards it for guidance.

So everything that is NOT this has to die for the masculine and feminine to come back into right relationship. There is a LOT of ego involved here, as you well know. Those in power don't want to give it up, and their ego will tell them they must win, or they will actually die, not just their ego. They must die to their internal feminine and that is no small task. Power that is undeserved and over used must go. To help balance this you can lean into your divine feminine and hold space for the tantrum that is sure to come. Any mother knows that when you widen the space around a tantrum and allow all to be released, it will go much faster. If you push against and try to control it, it will just last longer. That tantruming child needs to know it is safe and will not be rejected. This is what we are all going through. Allowing space for all the tantrums inside to be heard, seen, witnessed, so they can be released. If judgment comes, it backs up the whole system.

This is a bit of a tower card moment. If you know, you know.

Ideas of this month to keep you sane:

Get in the physical body — when shit is going down, we need to get in our body to help move out all the stress and anxiety. Exercise, sleep, meditation. I'll personally be going on a deep dive into chanting. Chanting is a way to bring us all the way into the present moment, give voice the emotions that are moving through, and chanting in sanskrit uses seed syllables to help alchemize energy as well. I'll be starting with the root chakra and tracking that on instagram for 40 days if you want to join me.

Dump what isn't needed — Get rid of distraction. Let go of memberships, subscriptions you don't need, extra plans to don't need to do, anything that feels extra. There is time to come back to it later, but for now, get really on the ground with simplifying your life as much as possible.

Shore up what is — Whatever does help you stay anchored, get more of it in your life. Some of the above examples with the body, but also external support: therapy, friends, community, honest conversation, a session with me, whatever you need to help move you through this time. Make it count. Removing what isn't needed will make more space to allow this.

Oil of the Month — Lavender — calm, healing, expression. Lavender will calm the nervous system, help you stay anchored in your body, and help soothe those rough edges. From Double Magenta Apothecary, the root chakra blend will help you additionally anchor in the body, stay grounded, and support everything we're going through. Apply to the bottoms of the feet or big toe at night to help sleep, pulse points and anywhere else (externally) that calls.

Much love. We can do this together. ❤️

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