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The Root Chakra is about safety, security and grounding. The container from which every other chakra springs. We want a clear and solid foundation to build and raise our kundalini energy from. Ganesha is the elephant-headed deity known as the remover of obstacles. Sharanam means refuge or protection. So this chant translates to: I take refuge in Ganesha, the elephant-headed, jovial deity, the remover of obstacles. Please clear the path for me so that I may walk down it freely!


Use this chant when you need obstacles removed, and a place to take refuge when you are lost in direction, stability, or purpose. 


Chant this mantra 108 times for 40 days. The recording repeats 108 times so you can easily follow along.


Ganesha Sharanam, Sharanam Ganesha

Root Chakra Chant — Ganesha Sharanam

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