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Wild Abundance

October brings in a sweet abundance energy that encourages and allows the forward movement of your dreams, intentions and creations. For the past five months we have been in a holding pattern as Saturn has been in retrograde. Things may have felt stuck, and procrastination has been abound. With Saturn going direct on September 18, so too are we freed in forward movement. I hesitate to even use that word forward because I'm not talking about leaving where you are, but rather growing and expanding what you've been working on or dreaming about, from right where you are. The container energy of September continues to be present, supporting this growth and culmination of the truth inside you that wants to be set free, and revealed to the outside world.

One caveat to notice this month: be careful of overwhelm. With the container energy of September still present, and the abundance energy of October coming in, it can present a feeling of "how do I hold it all?" The simple answer: you don't. Be very discerning about you accept, and what you say no to. If you gather everything that comes towards you just because it's there, your container will become too full, too fast. You want only grab the things that serve the direction you are already headed; the seeds you wanted to plant in September.

Things to focus on this month:

Connections — Pay attention to connections and synchronicity's right now. Who is showing up in your world, and what light do they have to share with you? This is not an accident. The universe is always conspiring in your favor, but right now it's shining a special spotlight to encourage you to see the way forward, to know and believe in your dreams, and put those into action. It's a perfect time to focus on group work, meet ups, starting a new class. Put yourself in the path of meeting people to allow more of these moments to happen. There is something that wants to be created in collaboration with others; a spark that happens when two like-minds get together to see what they've been working on alone in a whole new light. Maybe there is something even larger that wants to be created through you, with the help of others. (And completely unplanned in connection with this months energy, I happen to be offering a women's circle to support just this. Look for details on Facebook, or sign up for my newsletter to stay in the loop.) This brings me to the next one.

Trust — There's an energy of trust coming in, and the healing of old trust bonds that were broken. When we come together in groups, when we are open to meeting new people, it allows us to heal old wounds that happened in partnership — vulnerability wounds that may have caused us to recoil from connection, leaving us feeling alone and unworthy of being accepted by the group. Give yourself the gift of grace this month by staying open to healing old wounds, old friendships, old patterns that keep you from the rewarding connection that you desire and deserve. Vulnerability is a loaded experience; we want it, but we have been wounded by it. Be reminded that you are different than you were when you were last wounded. You aren't that little kid anymore that doesn't have agency to stand up for yourself, or speak your needs. It will be different this time, because YOU are different. Others rejection of you has nothing to do with your worth. People can't hold the vulnerability of others when they can't hold it for themselves. That's about them, not about you.

Creating space — This is a carry over from September, as the energies between months begin to blur, and larger themes are being carried out, acting as collective lessons for the long term. We are being called to learn and integrate these lessons as a source of encyclopedia's that we can call upon, rather than learning each lesson for the immediate and then tossing it later on, only to have to learn it again. Continue clearing and purging your physical, emotional, mental, and energetic space, not to fill it back up with new stuff, but to allow new awarenesses to come in. We want to be cultivating space as an on-going theme, so we can continue to access the awareness that comes from space in an accumulative way.

If you missed the Climate Action Summit 2019, I really encourage you to watch Greta Thunberg's address. She is an example of this next energy that I'm feeling coming through. She is weaving the old and new world together: calling upon young people to wake up and act — in a way well beyond their years that they may not even engage in without the encouragement of other youth as their peers; and she's also calling upon the elders to clean up and take responsibility for where we currently are. In this way, she is making the invisible visible. She is bringing forward truth that is within her, and externalizing that; a larger theme we are all being called upon to work with, and move through. Just watching her and being near this energy will allow it to start seeping in. We're starting to wake up to the fact that being who we are is enough. We don't have to develop into something more than we already are, or cultivate some big offering in order to be enough. That's the feminine trying to live in a masculine world. We get to have both. Just by being us and offering that to the world, we encourage others to embody more of their strengths, that they may not even be aware of, without the reflection of others.

In the last days of September, I'm feeling a fire energy, a burning off of the old in the form of some hardship that is pushing us to rise out of a former situation that no longer serves us. And the deep lesson here is that we are our own authority, as much as we have been given the message to give that away to someone else's authority. Claim it, with your voice, with your body, with you mind — you know what's best for YOU. In that vein, we will chant to Ganesh (or Ganesha) this month, the Hindu deity said to be remover of obstacles.

All my love, Heidi

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