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What Is Your Vow?

Updated: Nov 7, 2018

The last several months I’ve been playing with the idea of vows. If you’re familiar with Caroline Myss’ work on sacred contracts, it’s similar, but doesn’t specifically focus on archetypes. My terminology of vows is geared toward your soul purpose, contract, or vow for this lifetime; a way of viewing your mission, so that you can gain a clear focus, something to hang on to and ground you, not only in accomplishing your goals, but also as an anchor when times get tough.

2017 presented great challenge, difficulty and suffering for the world, the political system (specifically in the US), and the overall breaking down of systems that have been in place for centuries. The tumbling of paradigms is necessary work, and I believe is leading us to a much more just and honest world, but not for the faint at heart. It takes courage, strong will and dedication to muddle through this with grace and renewed confidence.

It’s common this time of year to be asked what is your New Year’s Resolution? While it’s great to have a focus for creating a better year for yourself and those you love, I’m not so big on resolutions. To me, they are a little too shame-based and perfectionist. They are great for selling gym memberships, but they’re not so great for cultivating a loving, compassionate life full of purpose and clarity, and allowing yourself the grace of mistakes that can often be our greatest teachers.

Vows on the other hand are a my new favorite tool to accessing your inner wisdom, both in tuning in to your purpose this lifetime, but also in more simplistic situations as you move through your day, week, month and year. What I love about this practice is that you can dialog with your intuition and your guides to connect with this wisdom at anytime. If seated mediation is part of your practice, you can ask these questions in a formal meditation, but you can also dialog with this inner wisdom as active meditation as well.

To tune into this on a larger scale, you can simply get quiet, close or soften your eyes, and ask the question “what is my vow?” Sit and wait to see what comes through. Everyone has a different sense of intuition that is usually more honed than the others, so this can come through in a variety of ways for a variety of people. Some may hear direct words (clairaudience), some may see visions (clairvoyance), while others receive a sense of knowing (claircognizance), or a felt sense of the answer that can accompany pictures or words (clairsentience). As you develop this practice, your skill of listening will begin to cultivate stronger and clearer answers.

After asking your vow for this lifetime, begin playing with this practice and asking something smaller. What is your vow in this relationship?; what is your vow with this person at this time?; what is your vow in this situation?; what is your vow this day, week, month or year? The possibilities are endless.

What I absolutely love about this practice is that there is always an answer, and in receiving that answer, it allows the letting go of all that isn’t your vow. It has been so liberating for me hear the answer and know, if that is my only vow, then all the other things I think I may be responsible for, I can actually let go. This is especially helpful if, like me, you tend to pile too much on your plate. In a challenging relationship dynamic it creates the opportunity to hear the wisdom of how you can best show up for yourself and the other person(s) in order to hold space and allow the issue to resolve itself in the highest and greatest good. It has become a guide for me that I use daily. It never shames me for doing something “wrong,” and it has a way of showing me a kind and loving response the I may not have seen without this practice.

I really encourage you to give it a try and let me know your know feedback. I’d love to hear others’ experiences with this.

Be well in the new year. Let’s work together to create a kinder, gentler and more sustainable world that we can all be proud to call home.

All my love and support, Heidi

I'm so happy to partner with Dina LeRoux for her eco-conscious and minimalist lifestyle blog, A Greener Life. I'll be bringing monthly mediations focused on the current season and energetic theme presenting in the collective. Check out her site to learn more about her offerings.

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