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Upside Down

Updated: Mar 14, 2021

Strange as the energies are right now, I'm hearing the message: Keep it easy, keep it simple; Anything that drags, let it go. Do only what you want to and have energy for — and NOTHING ELSE. So clearly, we're getting a huge upgrade. No more bullshit, no more people pleasing, no more offering our energy up freely with nothing in return (read: Instagram). We are not here to whore out our energy to others in service of some sick idea of becoming enough, becoming validated, valued, or any other manor of proving ourselves. We are sovereign beings who owe nothing to anyone other than the sacred Mother Earth that allows us to live here. Anything that is not TRUTH shall be revealed and we will come into right relationship with the earth and each other, or not — but we can't take the garbage with us. We are elevating, lightening the load, and getting honest.

Get on the bus, or get off; It's your choice — but you have to make one.

Intention and attention are everything right now. Place it only on what you value and want to grow, and be mindful not to waste it on what you don't want to see more of in the world. Like voting with your dollar, you are voting with your energy.

We are in the Upside Down with the false belief that we are in the Right Side Up. However, the truth is coming up out of the earth FINALLY and we are waking up. The light is growing and the shadows are being revealed. Can you feel it? If you're sleeping a lot, not sleeping at all, spaced out, distracted, confused, discouraged, these are all signs of the shifts happening on deep cellular levels. Grab your oils to help support this shift and ground it into your body.

Mercury Retrograde is here until February 21 with an integration phase until March 15. This means all the "re's" are up: reassess, reevaluate, remember, review, rewind. Mercury is the planet of communication and travel so don't be surprised if your style of communication, connection and movement are also getting a review. Another opportunity to decide if you want to get on the bus or get off.

We are also relearning to drive, in a car that is ours, with full capability to turn the wheel as we see fit. You may feel some resistance as the powers that be lose their grip on being able to make you feel that there is only one way to go (read: patriarchy, capitalism, religion, banking, education, government), all the systems that have been running this place without checking in on how you feel about it. Enough is enough. There is a whole open road out there to be traveled through your own discernment. Freedom is yours to grab, but it requires relearning to drive this wild thing called your body with all of its emotions, energies, feelings, thoughts and programmed hesitations and limitations. You've got this. Again, use your tools, reach out to your people. Express, share, let the energy build. I'm always here to support!

From Essential Emotions: "Bergamot has a cleansing effect on stagnant feelings and limiting belief systems. Because of core beliefs of being bad, unlovable, and not good enough, they seek to hide behind a facade of cheerfulness. They may fear revealing their true thoughts and feelings. Bergamot's powerful cleansing properties generate movement in the energy system, which in turn brings hope. Bergamot is wonderful for those who feel down and hopeless. It awakens the soul to hope and offers courage to share the inner self. Reigniting optimism and confidence in the self, it imparts true self-acceptance. Bergamot teaches individuals to let go of self-judgment by learning to love themselves unconditionally."

Suggested Oil of the Month — Bergamot — Self-acceptance.

Free Oil of the Month from DōTERRA for LRP members— Lemon Eucalyptus — Protected Space

Additionally in February, you receive all 4 forms of On Guard: oil, spray, hand wash and roller ball with an LRP order of 200PV or more. Great month to stock up. Any new memberships also receive an additional 50PV's automatically to use on oils in future months.

All my love, Heidi

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