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The Great Release

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

As June was about The Great Purge, July is about the shadow side of that, the releasing and letting go, the energetic remnants that reside deep within the bones of the choices we make and the foundation our lives rest upon. Until now, we haven't really been present or aware of the energy behind and underneath all that is; the fabric of energy being stitched together all the time, but because of its invisible nature, there is a way that we have discounted its significance, must like we have discounted feminine energy as a whole. We have honored all that is seen, the masculine, the physical, the built world, and dishonored, dismissed, shamed, abused and violated the unseen world: the place where magic, darkness, energy, the feminine, creativity, and the wisdom that arises from not knowing reside. As so much was purged last month, willingly or unwillingly, we now sit in the vibrational release of all of that. Much like the recovery we must go through after surgery. The body swollen, sore, achy, soft, and a bit lost, must recover and find its way back home, but this time the furniture has been moved and home looks different than it once did. The foundation underneath everything has changed. And because of this, we now know the soft feminine of this energetic web exists. There's just no denying it anymore. The energy beneath things is palpable. Just like we are nothing without the earth.

So we sit inside this new residence with eyes wide open in wonder. Was this here all the time? This other half of life that is in me, that IS me? Yes, indeed, of course it was, but we were taught away from it, taught that our answers were outside of us, that we needed something "out there" in order to be ok "in here." But all of that is being made rubbish, and so the truth is starting to find us. The truth that the only truth we need is INSIDE, and all the rustlings outside are merely a distraction to keep us from this knowing, to keep us from knowing ourselves. One of my teachers often used the phrase "energy doesn't lie," and this is an expression that shapes what I'm referring to. People lie, but energy doesn't. This truth is being revealed from the earth more and more each day. This information (Inform Nation) opens the door to a whole new relationship to self. Notice how you feel after spending time with someone. Not on what was said or exchanged visibly or physically, but on how you FEEL during or afterwards. This is the energetic exchange that is constantly taking place. Bring your attention here, and all manner of things will begin to shift. If you pay attention to and honor how you FEEL, acting from that knowing, even if you don't understand it, everything will start to open up. Release it because it doesn't feel good, not because there is an external reason you should (or more likely, an external reason you shouldn't). Operating from the "shoulds" keeps you out of alignment with your deep inner knowing, your intuition, your own inner unseen. As you do this more and more, honoring that inner child that has thoughts and feelings, longings, inspiration, creations, she/he/they will begin guiding you as you open up to the wholeness that is the real you, not the divided one you've been taught to believe is all you are; the one who can only create from the physical tools in front of them. Now, with both sides alive and intact, you can begin creating also with the power of manifestation, the power of wielding the unseen, using magic as it was meant to be used, using the WHOLE of who you are instead of the watered down version that keeps you disempowered, disengaged, sad, stuck, alone and frustrated. We aren't alone. We never have been and never will be. Once we start honoring this magic in the unseen, we will truly begin to know that. The magic available to us will begin speaking all the time, but only if we LISTEN.

It may be painful and sad and scary right now because so much is shifting in the outside world. We are losing what was familiar and even automatic. We don't recognize this new place and our muscle memory wants to act in the old way. But since we've had energetic surgery, those old body parts won't hold us the same as they once did, so we are relearning to walk. Everything that was purged now holds a vacancy, a tenderness, a call to go inward and greet this inner child. To develop an intimate relationship with yourself, and therefore with source. A totally new orientation. All that was purged physically, must now be released energetically and this recalibration is where we're going.

In June we had the Solstice (the end of one road and the beginning of another), Mercury Retrograde (disintegration to reintegration), Eclipse season (the darkest dark and brightest bright, aka the great reveal), and July closes all that energy out and guides us towards the healing necessary for the new chapter, hence release. And as seems to have occurred in June, I believe this release is coming for you automatically. It's not something you have to dig out of you. It is becoming more and more true for me that I must live out the energy BEFORE I can teach it or talk about it, and so, I have an example of the release I'm speaking of and it's organic nature. The Great Purge of June I took very seriously. I didn't want anything lingering in my home that had heavy energy attached to it. And that meant finally getting rid of my first wedding dress. I thought I would keep it for my daughter but we both realized neither of us wanted this, and so it must go. I donated it and watched in slow motion as the Goodwill drop-off attendant turned and, with no farewell at all, walked it off to its new life away from me. No ceremony, no celebration, no nothing. Just like he was tossing a pair of socks in a bin. And that was that. All done. Or so I thought. That evening I began to get a rash under my arms, that spread to my face, my arms, my legs and for the next few days I was covered in full-body hives, my eyes nearly swollen shut. A fever of all the buried feelings associated with that dress burned up and through me, lighting my whole body on fire. Release. I didn't ask for it, but it came because of a choice I made on the external. And to be congruent, the internal holding of all that energy had to go too. At first, I was freaked out not knowing what was happening. I didn't put it together. So my anxiety went through the roof wanting it to stop. And then I remembered what a naturopath had told me before: when the body expels and releases illness, it often gets worse first with fever or a strong expression of the energy that's leaving. Once I remembered that, I moved into surrender. I thanked my body for its beautiful knowing: it was time to let go of all that heat. This is the pain, but also the gift, in this wild time we find ourselves. When we let the truth reveal itself, when we let people be who they are, we get to see what was always underneath. Trusting that is way more valuable than trusting a story we're being told, because then we can respond to what IS, not to what we want it to be, and congruence can find its way.

Things to consider this month:

Abaya (Fearless) Mudra — Try using this mudra (hand position) during meditation when you feel yourself wanting to hang on, whether energetically or physically. From "The abhaya mudra is a symbol of fearlessness and protection. The left hand is in the meditation (dhyana) mudra, while the right hand is upright with the palm facing outward. All fingers are pointing up towards the heavens. Typically the right hand is at chest or shoulder level. Best placement: This mudra is related to the notion of fierce compassion, where you can let go when it’s necessary. This mudra may be helpful in your home when you need to strengthen your boundaries while still opening your heart with confidence. Boundaries are related to earth element and so this mudra can invite more fearlessness in how you engage with the world."

Loving What Is — A book with this same title was written by Byron Katie where she talks about the power of this technique. It's really a practice of release, letting things, people and situations be what they are without working to make them something else, perhaps more palatable. It is the true act of compassion.

Space — Give yourself space to recalibrate and be in the presence of not knowing. This could lead to a deeper relationship with your inner child that just might be ready to play in the rich territory of creativity and joy now that it has your attention.

Suggested Oil of the Month — RELEASE — I don't yet have this oil but it will be in my July order and then I can share more. Let yourself apply or diffuse this and practice active release and letting go. If you have Inner Child, add that along with RELEASE.

Information to order Young Living Essential Oils from me is here.

Much Love, Heidi

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