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The Future is Now

What a wild and crazy time we're living in. I've been all the way inside of Covid and finally coming out. It is the greatest teacher, and change maker we've got. When the body fails (or rather goes off line for deep process and healing) it gives our spirits time for serious reflection. What are we doing? Why are we doing it? How are we doing it? And is it in alignment with our higher selves? If not, now is the time to change it.

The thing to remember this month is the past, present and future all reside within YOU at all times. They are accessible, in and through you, and that means they can also be changed BY YOU. One of the most remarkable things about being human is that we are spirits inside a body, and that body can activate change in a way that it can't outside a body. It is a vehicle, a magic carpet if you will. You can revisit the past, rewrite it, and come back to tell about it. I think this is one of the most mind blowing things about my healing work. I watch people in real time cut cords, break agreements, and drop patterns they've been holding that allow their life to completely transform. We are that powerful. But only if we CHOOSE to be. Free will is all ours, and most people don't bother to take up the power they have. Maybe people want it to be easy, or they want to avoid pain, or they're just afraid, but if I've seen one thing repeat in healing sessions, it's this: there is no avoiding pain. If you don't do it here, you'll be left to do it after you die. There's no escape. So why not saddle up and face it now. The after story will be a much easier and enjoyable ride than the constant anxiety of knowing you're avoiding the very thing you're being called to do. The energy is here and your spirit guides want to help you. They want to see you be FREE while you're here, not after you die.

A belief you have that you're unforgivable (or insert whatever emotions it is), also imprisons you in that spot. YOUR belief is holding you in that place. So another thing about healing is that it frees you up from maintaining those horrible stations we think we've been relegated too, but we're actually holding in place ourselves. You have the power to heal and free yourself from the old story so you can get to the business of what you came here to do. It's a win win, but only if you let it.

The energy is here and ripe for all of it now. But go at your own pace too. Rome wasn't built in a day. Let yourself be guided by spirit. Listen. Where are you being led? You wouldn't be led there to be forsaken. It may not what you wanted, or what you thought was coming, but its spirit doing its thing on your behalf. We just have to get out of the way.

I can finally feel the energy building for my own work coming back. It's been a whole lot of quiet, but I'm starting to hear the music. If there's something you're needing, reach out and let me know what it is. I want to support as best I can. Some form of women's circle is likely coming back with a membership community and other one-off classes. Stay tuned as I get the scaffolding in place.

The oil this month is FORGIVENESS as that is exactly what is called for on this journey of self healing. You much offer yourself and the buried, abandoned parts of yourself forgiveness, or they will never want to talk. If you move towards healing with the idea that you goal is to cut away, or fix yourself, that energy has a harshness inherent in it, and just like any abandoned child, they're not going to be so up for a conversation if they feel they're under attack. Offer yourself forgiveness first. You didn't do anything wrong. Everything can be changed. You did the best you could with what you had at the time. And eventually you can offer that to others, but if you can't give it to yourself first, you'll never get there. Yes there is an energy of eating crow in forgiveness, but it's also a gentle approach to a situation that has been quite harsh. You deserve that gentleness.

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