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The Alpha & The Omega

The alpha and the omega, the beginning and the end, the passing of the baton are all themes we have coming in January. The feeling of being "scited" (aka, scared + excited) that is the both/and of a situation. When you feel scared to do a thing you're unfamiliar with, but also excited to stretch yourself into something new that you actually want to do. The feeling before doing it is often much worse than the thing itself, and you feel immediate relief and pride after you've completed it and lived into that expanded version of yourself that will always be your new normal from then on. It's pretty wild and pretty unique that we get to have these experiences over and over.

One thing to note that came through in the New Moon in Capricorn at the end of December, was that we are never on the wrong path. The path we are on simply twists and turns, and there are no wrong turns. It is all sacred. It is all intentional. It is all necessary. Even the hard parts, or maybe, especially the hard parts.

Themes coming up for us this year:

Reveal — The veil is continuing to lift and more and more will be revealed — in us, through us, and around us.

Allow — There's less doing and more allowing being called for. It's difficult to allow when we haven't felt historically safe, especially as women. We clench and tighten as a way to protect. That is being softened and we are being called more and more into seeing that we are safe enough to relax. Safety is an inside job and we can help ourselves to feel safe by taking care of our inner selves better than we have before. Sort of like reparenting. We have to teach the wounded inner children they can actually trust us because we ARE going to show up this time and not leave them out in the cold.

Balance — Balance is coming for us, as we develop trust with our inner selves. When it becomes anchored and rooted in the body, we trust that muscle memory and we can relax more. Balance is often found by first showing up as imbalance. We have to see what we doesn't feel good in order to know what does, or what could feel better.

Judgment vs Discernment — These often get mistaken for the same thing, but they are very different. We are learning to let go of judgment that shows up as criticism and blame, and replace it for the judgment that is wise discernment. It's the difference between focusing on what your neighbors are doing vs what you are doing. When you focus on what you are doing, that can be adjusted. When you focus on your neighbors, you're not at home within yourself, but you also have no power there, so you end up feeling full and hungry at the same time. Kindness and generosity is deeply called for here to offer both to yourself (for being critical of yourself), and to others (for sticking your nose where it doesn't belong).

In sacred geometry, 2023 is a 7, representing purity, wisdom, unconditional love and Spirit. Last year was a 6 (the wheel that allows forward movement), with a 7 this year we are working out the kinks as the wheel adjusts to greater balance in the year of 8.

Things to consider this month —

Word of the Year — This is something I've done the last several years and it's a really potent practice. Choose a word that you feel drawn towards. What energy do you want to cultivate, experience, and/or learn from this next year. Write it down. Place it somewhere you can see regularly. Mediate with it. Let it unfold over time. I promise it will open up and teach you the multiple sides of it through the year.

Extra credit: Pair your word with an oil. This is a really powerful practice to help anchor it in. Last year my word was Abundance so it was easy to pair with Young Living's Abundance blend. This year my word is Communion, so I'm pairing it with the oil that resonates the most with that desire, which happens to be the oil of January as well: Journey On.

Spread of the Year — Choose an oracle deck, or a couple, and draw a spread of the year. I place the first card in the center as my card for the year, and then I go clockwise from 1 o'clock (January), and move around to 12 o'clock (December). You can work with the Card of the Year the same way you work with the Word of the Year, adding the monthly card as we move through the year. We'll be working with some of this energy in the Wild Sisterhood Community this year as we track each moon cycle with a card and intuitive collage. Consider joining that if it calls.

Oil of the Month — JOURNEY ON offers a beautiful, masculine energetic container that feels safe and held, making it easier to relax into rest and creativity. The being vs doing. Although there is much to be done, we must feel refreshed and restored before we can go at the task with renewed energy.

The mantra I referred to in the video: There is time and space enough for everything I need to do. I am at peace.

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