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Shine Bright

August is all about the SUN (the solar plexus of the body), and Leo (ruled by the sun). We are being asked to look at our unique sun, our light, our contribution, that can not be copied, altered, or manipulated. Only WE can shut down our light. We are encouraged to do so constantly by outside influences, but we are ultimately in charge of how, when or where we show up, or not. The choice is ours. Meditation here is key. Anything that can help slow the train of automatic response to old patterning.

If you are not already subscribed or individually purchasing the Moon Ceremonies, let me tell you, you are greatly missing out on the whole equation that is happening. A thread is starting to weave between these Soul Messages and the Moon Ceremonies throughout the month. This is the community that is building. If you want to find like-minded souls committed to doing their work and finding their unique expression to give in the world, this is the place. As this community builds I will be offering more private content for these folks and will let it evolve and develop as it grows. To grab them individually, visit the shop a few days before the Full and New Moon (August 11 & 27), they usually drop ahead of time, or join the subscription here.

One of the themes that showed up for August is this message from my guides, "receiving takes it out of you." This has two meanings. One, as we move the train of automatic patterning off the track and make the commitment to consciously RECEIVE, so we can give from overflow instead of depletion, it is exhausting! Let yourself rest and reset. And two, as we commit to receiving, the new energy, information, love, literally pushes out the old. It takes it out of you. So let yourself do this seemingly simple but arduous task. It is the way to light the sun inside of you and set your uniqueness on fire.

We are at a threshold, a tipping point, that is carrying us into new energy, new earth, new paths forward. The card we received this month is the ALCHEMICAL WEDDING, the marriage between masculine/feminine, dark/light, good/bad. The way forward is to INCLUDE all, REJECT none. This card comes from Kim Krans' latest and last deck in The Wild Unknown series. You can grab it on my favorites page here.

Oil for the month — LIME the oil representing the Zest for Life. If ever there was sun in a bottle, it's here. Hard to chose between all the citrus oils, but this is the one that came. It dispels the dark and separates what you need from what you don't need.

Apothecary blends of the month — Solar Plexus and Throat, Sun and Mercury.

Reach out with questions and comments, or book a private session or reading with me to dive deeper into what's happening specifically for YOU.

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