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Ring Your Bell

Welcome to September. How did we get here? Has it been slow or fast? Who even knows anymore! We're spinning in a virtual vortex of no sense, which is a great place to be for our own awakening. When what made sense doesn't make sense anymore, it calls us to question everything — to question the programming, to question the automatic responses. And when those responses aren't automatic anymore, we begin to walk back towards sovereignty; we begin to become critical thinkers, navigating our own reality and making our own choices.

Last month I talked about the containers, the pot we're cooking in — the cooking being the removal of all the programming from our authentic selves; the authentic selves we came here to be. We've moved through the boiling stage (the bubbling up of all the programming so that we can clearly see it for what it is), and the steam rising (our voices beginning to unpack that programming and speak about it, to move it out of our systems). That cooking has moved all the way through us and there is no part left that has not been effected by this heat. As Mars, the masculine planet of action, goes into retrograde September 9 and stays there through the remainder of the year, my hunch is that this cooking off process will remain with us just as long. There is a lot buried in our subconscious and it's taken a long time for the programming to seep in. Makes sense that it would take a while for it to cook back out. There's a lot to unpack!

So as we continue to cook and more truths are revealed all the time, September brings a new energy that feeds off the August energy of cleansing our containers. The cooking allows some cleansing as things are removed by the heat. Now we add an element of movement to the cleaning process. When I asked about the energies of September I was shown a bell being rung. This bell is the container we live in, the body, the authentic self, the beauty of who we really are, and by ringing it we sing our own unique songs, we claim who we are, and shout that out to the world. This can bring up insecurity as many of us have hidden our authentic selves even from ourselves for fear of being judged or criticized for it. We want to stay safe, and staying hidden is a great tool to get that job done.

An example of staying hidden is in our job choice. Many of us work for companies out of necessity, not because it feeds our souls or expresses our authentic selves. When I first left the corporate world three years ago, I cried more that first year than I ever had before for two reasons: one, I was stepping off the hamster wheel of life (the ever-present busyness for busyness sake we are taught is our only passage to worthiness) and by doing so, all the unfelt feelings under the surface were allowed to come up and be seen; and two, I had to risk being seen to have a successful business. This was a wild shock to me! Of course that makes sense, but it hadn't occurred to me before it became something I had to put in motion. I was terrified. I knew my work was transcendent and could help so many, but to out myself about it was a whole other thing. I had made a practice of staying small and staying hidden. Let me tell you, folks, that is NOT where it's at!

We can never get nourished doing the work of other people

when it's not in alignment with our hearts work.

And here's the other catch, working for someone else allows us to stay safe because we don't have to own the work; it's someone else's so we don't have to be responsible for it. This is just like riding in the passenger seat of your own car not making choices for yourself. Now I'm not saying everyone has to work on their own to be true to themselves, but I am using this an example of how easily we can let go of ourselves without realizing it. We give way to a system that says "this is our how you have to life" without checking in with ourselves if that is true or not. We have to stay in touch with our own inner compass, and at the wheel of our own cars to avoid getting driven off a cliff.

So movement and ringing our bells, what does that mean? First, it means being proud of ourselves, our bodies, the vessels and containers we live in. It means ringing our bells, tooting our own horns, or shouting to world what we love, who we are, and sharing what matters to us. This means being vulnerable enough to be seen. This means embodying and living what we love. Second, it means taking care of those vessels — our bodies, and our minds! Feeding ourselves good food, exercising, being in nature, meditating, getting proper rest. Treating ourselves in a way that says "I'm sacred and deserve to be cared for." As we ring our bells and share who we are, we begin to shake off the dust and grim that is stuck to the edges of our bowls; the really gnarly stuff that wants to hang on for dear life.

Here's the beautiful truth — the old you is already dead,

all you have to do is shake it off and let it go.

Things to Focus on This Month:

Set your own accomplishments — Make a small list of things that matter to you that YOU WANT to do, not something you NEED to do, or that SOMEONE ELSE told you to do. Allow yourself to do those things and feel the absolute joy in accomplishing the things YOU set out for YOURSELF. This is way of rewiring your system to make yourself the center of your choices, driving the wheel of your own car.

Let go of time — As much as you can, let yourself run your own schedule. Take off the watch and let go of marching to the order of time. Of course we have appointments so we can accomplish things at certain times with other people, but outside of that, try to let go of your awareness of time as a ruling force. Let yourself sleep until you naturally wake up, go to bed when you're tired, eat when you're hungry. This will allow you to step off the hamster wheel a bit. Covid has done great things for us in this regard.

Listen to your body — Ask your body what it needs every day and give it just that. Let go of moving out of habit. Respond to what is needed in the NOW. This will ignite spontaneity and creativity, and you will begin moving from your inner knowing, guidance and truth. Try the 5-bodies meditation below to help guide you in this listening process. And dance it out to Florence and the Machine's song: Shake It Out.

Take care this month. It's jungle out there but we are stronger when we are in it together!

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