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Relationship To Self And Community

Updated: May 6, 2020

The energy for September carries two major themes with some insight and information stemming from them. First, our relationship to ourselves, and out of that, our relationship to the people in our lives that make up our community: the thing that can offer us the greatest support, when we let it. So to understand the image I received this month, you must first know about figure 8s. From my individual healing work with clients I have discovered that there are figure 8s in and around us all the time. When we develop a relationship with someone, a figure 8 is created between those two people. You occupy one side of the figure 8, and the other person occupies the opposite side of the figure 8, as if you’re each standing in the circular space created on opposite sides. This figure 8 holds a current of energy that moves between you creating an exchange, much like the give and take we’re more familiar with in relationships.

So the first part of the energy for the month is the figure 8 that makes up the relationship with yourself. This reminds me of the plant meditation from last month. How is your relationship with yourself? Is it nourishing? Is it sustainable? Do you take time to make yourself special, to talk, to listen, to tune in to your feelings, to nourish and nurture yourself? Sleep, diet, exercise, meditation, study? What are the things you need to fill your cup? And like I said before, it’s not about adding things. This isn’t about holding yourself to some unreachable standard that feels like being on a treadmill of constant attempts to keep up. This is about removing things that are getting in the way of you having or making time for those things. It’s about slowing down and tuning in. And maybe you don’t even know what is vital to your well being yet. Slowing down and checking in is what will tune you to that frequency and get you rooted and anchored within yourself.

The second part is the figure 8s that are around you. The health of your inner figure 8 will determine the health and quality of your outer figure 8s. And the outer figure 8s make up your inner community (the people closest to you) and your outer community (the larger group that makes up the fabric of your overall experience moving through the world). It’s like a tuning fork matching your inner and outer frequencies. How you are vibrating in the world will call towards you like-minded folks with whom you can connect to create, to spark light in the world, have fun, and encourage each other in your combined or individual projects. Those figure 8s make up the platform that creates your overall community. Like petals on a flower, each petal performs a vital role. How is your relationship with your inner and outer community? Who are you connecting with and does that feel nourishing and supportive? Are they the right folks to be there? Have they earned their place in their current location? Are you connecting at all?

Brene Brown talks about having a few close people that are your go-to’s, and that list should be pretty small. Like rings on a mandala. Who are your inside people and who goes out from there? The people you spend the most time with create your inner community. That theme of community is up really big right now. We’ve been doing this internal dance of maintaining and coping with all the frenetic and deconstructing energy happening in the world as we shift out of the patriarchy into something else. I feel like the last year that I’ve been doing these reports there’s been a thread of self care going on, and over the next several months it feels like we’re moving to a place of connecting what we’ve learned and sharing that with our community. It’s time to spread, expand and connect. Who wants to learn from you, and who do you want to learn from? That energy of exchange will start to show up more as we move further into September. Pay attention to who shows up; it’s not an accident. Take it as an invitation to widen your community. As the saying goes: when the student is ready, the teacher appears.

And we can’t talk about community, connection and exchange without talking about trauma and grief. If you’re living on the planet, chances are you’ve experienced some form of relational trauma. These wounds can get lodged in our system making it difficult for us to move past those experiences. They can become reasons why we don’t connect with the outer world, which only isolates us and breaks the possibility of connection and exchange, making us feel lonely, sad and stuck. If this is true for you (and it is for most, so don’t feel alone), it doesn't mean you’re screwed and destined to live a life of solitude. It’s just information, something to know about yourself and pay attention to. If community is a big, fat, scary place, then take baby steps. Make plans with one friend, go to a yoga or gym class where you’re surrounded by people, but not intentionally interacting one on one. Put yourself out in the world to make this exchange possible. And then come back home and recenter yourself before going out again.

Even if you don’t feel traumatized from relationships, you may feel lonely anyway and having a hard time connecting. We live in this crazy age of technology where we often spend more time on our devices than looking people directly in the eye. So take note of that this month too and intentionally put it down and make direct connections. I had an experience just last week where I was feeling crappy and wanting to hermit but happened to run into a friend. The brief interaction shifted me entirely and popped me right back into place. That is the power of the energy exchange we share with folks. Our people are our allies, when we let them be.

Be well this month and enjoy watching for your figures 8s and how they show up in your life. The meditation this month will be focused on tuning into the health of our figure 8s and making adjustments where necessary.

All my love, Heidi


I referenced The Heart Math Institute in the video and it doesn't look like they do have information on the speeding up of time. Check instead with Gregg Braden's work. Here's a video where he talks about it.

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