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Observing The Soul

Updated: May 6, 2020

December will be a big month, but not from an outsiders perspective. There is so much going on internally, that from the outside it will appear not much is going on. You may even feel sloth-like, spacey, unmotivated. This is because we're going through a massive upgrade and our bodies and minds need time to catch up before we launch into the energy of the new year. December is all about observation: a slow, steady pace that is about watching and learning. Gathering tips about your next step: a phase of expansion. With Mercury Retrograde behind us, we are integrating the lessons brought through in November. Jupiter moves into Capricorn December 2, staying there for 12 months, so this sets the tone for 2020. We're still in a spacey energy, sleeping heavy with active dream time to help us process the activity of the last year, and beyond. You may find you desire to be less busy this holiday season, a time that typically takes us out of ourselves trying to keep up with the hustle bustle. Don't be surprised if you find yourself wanting to stay home, or make less of a to-do about holiday gift giving. We've taken in so much this year on a deep soul level, that we're in a process of integration before we expand into the new year.

The feminine is coming up in a serious way. Old, ancient memories of powerful women and powerful times are coming up through the earth reminding us of the loss of our feminine, and the prep for that reintegration. This means the feminine in both men and women. When we cut the feminine out, it hurts all of us. We end up having to suppress the feminine for fear of expressing energy that isn't accepted in the larger community. We put that energy into hiding, and if you've been following me for any amount of time, you know that energy doesn't disappear just because we aren't interacting with it. Energy that gets suppressed has to go somewhere. It embeds itself in our cells making us sick, it gets expressed in destructive ways, it cuts us off from our passions, it disempowers us when we don't own our own energy, it simply must be seen — and it will get our attention by any means necessary. Much better to tune in, feel the feelings, claim who we are, and hold pride and honor about that, rather than shaming ourselves for it.

This is the message of the feminine; it teaches us WHO WE ARE.

All masculine and no feminine = action without direction. The masculine pushes against the brick wall hoping to move it with brut force. The feminine knows to pull back, reassess, and go around the wall, utilizing all the empty space that is available. We have to tune in to the wisdom of the feminine to know WHERE it is that we are going. We need both: action and direction. We are getting plenty of time to do that now with all this spacey, observation energy. We are in the chrysalis. Our wings are forming, we are being reshaped from the inside out. Be gentle with yourself during this time and let this transformation take place. There will be plenty of time for action in the new year when these energies converge, and come into better balance.

Take this time now to be the witness to your own expansion.

Pay attention to the status quo. What things are you participating in out of rote routine? Are you always taking a right out of your driveway? Maybe try going left and see where it takes you. Try things out. Play with it. As I mentioned in November, we have to question our assumptions, our absolutes, in order to shift our perspective. And we can't change what doesn't work in the world if we aren't willing to change inside.

Things to focus on this month:

Observe — Take time to be with yourself, quietly. Go for walks, read, write, meditate, chant, notice the changes happening within you. When we notice, we can use that information to make active changes. Without, that we just end up doing what we've always done that maybe our system is not in alignment with anymore.

Travel — Perfect time with the holidays and many people traveling naturally anyway. When we get out of our regular space, it creates more opportunity to notice what's different about us and the people in our lives.

Be curious — Along with observing, and traveling to shake things up, become curious. Ask questions. Get to know your friends and family in new ways. There is no way we will ever know everything about even our most beloved, but take the time to ask things you've never asked. Getting to know more about others opens the doorway to learning more about ourselves too; it's an exercise in expanding your energy, and the capacity of energy you can hold.

Again, it's a big month even if it doesn't look like it on the surface. Let yourself take this time. Once we get into 2020 it's going to be full steam ahead putting all this new feminine energy and integration into practice.

Enjoy the last weeks of 2019, and bless this dear feminine energy that is coming in. She has a lot of wisdom to share. She IS you. You ARE her. We must welcome her again to welcome the full expression of ourselves — fully, madly, deeply.

All my love, Heidi

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