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Lose Your Mind

Updated: May 6, 2020

Well, I’m titling this one Lose Your Mind because you just might do that this month. But it’s ok, you don’t need it as much as you think you do. The mind would love to let us believe it’s in charge, but honestly, I don’t think it really wants to be. The mind acts like a nervous child that thinks their parents won’t take care of them, and so they have to step forward to do the work. Let your mind chill out by actively engaging in training it. This is why we do meditation. And this month, you’re going to reap the benefits, or notice where it’s missing.

The energy of March is of the mind. In perfect timing for the Mercury Retrograde that is also upon us, March 5-28. Retrogrades have a set-up and integration phase before and after the full retrograde, so we are squarely in that energy now — which is evident in the video where I had to record the meditation three times before my phone kept the recording. Argh! But it’s perfect, and exactly on time. The energy pattern this month is the figure 8 moving horizontally between the left and right brain. It can be very disorienting when most of our attention is in our head.

So what’s the answer?

Grounding and self-love.

Without the anchoring of the earth, we can spin off in a current of energy that isn’t really us. It doesn’t represent a grounded expression of who we are. It’s the difference between seeing the world as chaotic (being in the mind), or perfectly timed and balanced (being in the heart). With the wisdom of the earth we can move from purpose, clarity and confidence. If we’re only in our heads, pushing forward with the mind, we create from imbalance.

Road blocks, the things that slow us down (like the Mercury Retrograde and stubbing our toe), also cause us to remember. Remember love: self-love. When we are in self-love we know who we are. We fill up our own cup first, and from that full cup, we can freely share our love out in the world. When we don’t have self-love, we look to fill our cup from outside ourselves. We seek to take from others, get from others, people please, and we try to fill our cups with things that will never satiate us. We’re starving and looking for who’s fault it is.

Meditation, exercise, reiki, breath, massage, something called the “body test” (which you can learn more about in the video), anything that moves your energy out of your head and into your body will loosen the grip of the mind on your day-to-day experience. We have a column of light that is ever present along our spinal column, from our head to our feet. This connects us with heaven and earth, ideally keeping us in the world, but not of the world. It gets dim with stress and trauma. With all the technology we use these days, we’re constantly being distracted by the ding of our phones. This is why we must set time aside for self-care. It’s not something we’ll get to one day, it has to be built into our days and weeks.

The world is changing so rapidly now. We don’t live the way we use to and we are more disconnected from nature and the rhythms of the earth. I believe it’s why there are so many healing modalities popping up and being called forth because we have to learn to walk and talk differently; how to move in such a rapid world, and keep our feet on the ground at the same time. Focus on feeling versus thinking — what is in there that needs expression. Is it grief? Is it joy? It doesn’t really matter what it is, but it does matter that it moves, that the vessel of you is kept clear so you can access more of who you are.

Tune in for what modality, what form of movement or practice is going to help you stay clear, but keep the focus on self-love. Keep coming back to kindness towards yourself and grounding.

Here’s to losing your mind in the best way!

All my love, Heidi

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