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Finding Your Rhythm

Updated: May 27, 2020

Welcome to May! We've officially entered Chapter 2 (The Middle) of our collective COVID experience. Until now, it's been all about detox and unplugging from the Matrix. Sleeping long hours, decompressing from all the overwork and over doing, relying heavily on only one side of our bodies: YANG. We've needed A LOT (yes it's two words, this is a pet peeve) of sleep to help us recalibrate from all this busying. Which, by the way, was designed to keep you from your knowing and yourself. Now that we've rested up and can actually see ourselves and have a conversation with who's in there, we can get down to business. The real business. The business of finding your OWN rhythm, your TRUE self, your true NORTH.

What makes YOU come alive, outside the 9-5 wheel that's been churning?

Do you like your job?

Do you like your relationships?

Do you like yourself?

What is fulfilling and what is just extra?

What have you been doing to keep yourself from this awareness?

Are you happy about it?

What burning desire, creative passion has taken a back seat as a result?

May swings the doors wide open for this journey of self discovery. In the words of Glennon Doyle, "what is a truer, more beautiful life" you can imagine for yourself? This is the time to daydream and find out. When images of Mexico start arising, what the hell are you doing living in Oregon? And yes, this is my own question. As Glennon teaches, when we can imagine a truer more beautiful life, it becomes impossible to stay in the one we're living. We have to go out and create what we can imagine. It compels us, propels us, demands that we bring it into being. And THIS! THIS, is what it means to have a relationship with Spirit. This is true co-creating. Listening, being guided, and then creating what we see. Up until now, the world was too god damn busy to hear your own thoughts and feelings. We had to go deep in the caves of a monastery; or stay up late to grab the stillness of the deep, dark night; or meditate our asses off to keep this kind of quiet. So again, this is a rich gift being bestowed upon us. Use it well! And I don't mean rush to get shit done. That's part of the old world. I mean, let yourself get carried away by the creative flow. If that keeps you engaged for hours, let it! This is the conversation your inner self has been waiting patiently, dying even, to have.

Beyond just listening to the creative flow and your inner knowing, it's also a time to discover what works for you and what doesn't. With all this lack of schedule: weekends that feel like weekdays, and weekdays that feel like weekends, we can start to see ourselves more fluidly and honestly. Maybe a 9am start to the day doesn't work for you. Maybe you need a Noon start to be more fully present and ready for the work at hand. Maybe you work later into the evening. Maybe you get your tasks done in half the time because you/re fully rested, balanced and focused. How many of us have clock watched at our day jobs because we were suppose to be there, but our work was done, or we had no more gas in the tank that day for it? Companies could save so much time, and money, and waste by letting people move to their rhythm. I'm doubtful that they'll have that big of an about-face, but we can all dream into being a truer, more beautiful expression there. And if not in their workplace, then leave and create it in your own — because now you KNOW it's possible! And how can you stay living in what doesn't feel right anymore?

Here's the piece that I'm already beginning to experience with this. When you take care of yourself, and this is really what all the above I've talked about is, then suddenly you are in resonance with yourself.

When you are in resonance with yourself, you've found your own radio station —

The one that speaks to YOU.

And once you're tuned into YOUR radio station, you can meet all the other people on that same channel. When you're flitting about, hoping from one station to another, it makes it really challenging to find your people. You're doing and being for others. You're out of balance. You can hardly find yourself.

If you aren't familiar with my work, one of my offerings is Spirit Readings: channeled messages from your guides about what you're here to do and what challenges are arising that are keeping you from that (usually the general gist anyway). What I've discovered from doing countless readings now, is one message they repeat over and over again.

We are not sent here to make finding our gifts and talents difficult.

Our gifts come to us as easy as drinking water, breathing, blinking our eyes. They say it's absolutely absurd to think that they would send us here to spend our whole lives trying to find our gifts. Then we would not have time to actually give them because we'd be too old! So I give you this one piece of advice — do what comes naturally, that is your REAL gift. Stop trying to make it hard. You won't win any awards for it, and you'll be miserable in the process. Stop doing what other people think you should, do what YOU KNOW you should do.

Things to focus on this month:

Purification — Epsom salt baths (3-4cups), healing crystals, meditation, sound healing. Keeping your energy clean. I'll be offering a Pranic Healing session for the collective on instagram soon.

Schedule — Pay attention to your schedule, tuning in to what works for YOU. Try the hours that fit, and feel right for you. If half days work better ("it's not a half day, or anything like that," little Office Space humor for you), then do that. Be like Peter, take your cubicle walls down and and wear shorts to work. You can do that now! Sleep in and start your day at 1pm is that's what you need. You'll be way more productive and happier doing it once you get there.

Art — This is a huge one, and new on my radar as well. Creativity helps you get in the flow of your own rhythm and intuition because you're having a conversation with your inner self and the divine. There's no space for should, because you're focused on what must be, what is right in front of you that you are creating. I recently began offering an Intuitive Collage workshop. This is true art for dummies. You don't need to know how to draw or anything. You go completely by where you are guided to go, and the answers show up. If you're interested in joining, check the EVENTS tab for details.

Be well, my loves. This is a strange, but beautiful new chapter. Take it in, let it FLOW.

All my love, Heidi

PS, I've abandoned YouTube. Instagram is infinitely easier and I don't have edit video and wait for it to upload. Check my instagram feed for videos. The photo will link you this months video as well.

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