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Express Your Heart

Updated: May 6, 2020

Hello February! This month is all about heart energy in action. We are being supported by a figure 8 moving through our hearts and looping around either arm. This pattern is here to support a balance between masculine and feminine (not male and female). We all have masculine and feminine energy within us, and we need both in order to come into better balance and support the changes necessary for a sustainable world going forward. We need everyone in their gifts, and giving those so we not only have an accurate representation of all people, but also to give us access to those unique gifts so they may inform the world we create in the future. As we change, we will need more ideas and all the creation we can muster.

If you haven’t listened or read the January message, go back and read it or listen again to incorporate some of those exercises within this month as well. The energy swing from right to left and back again may cause a little sense of feeling ungrounded, and swept away. You’ll want to incorporate some of those exercises from January to help stabilize this movement. Choose an action: meditation, chanting, yoga, movement, reading, writing, something that creates routine. This will help to balance those horizontal energies and bring them down into the vertical and root you back into your feet.

This energy of the heart in action calls us to do just that: to externalize what is on our heart and bring it into the physical world. That can be music, dancing, singing, writing, cooking, drawing, painting, anything that feels authentic to you. It’s especially juicy if it’s something you wouldn’t normally share, something that you’ve kept hidden about yourself, or a brand new interest. Hello! Chanting on video? Totally out of my comfort zone, but I'm doing it anyway because I have to walk the talk. We need to begin unearthing these things. They are our gifts, and if kept hidden they can’t be available to support us going forward. One of my favorite teachers, Lee Harris, says “you are needed, and now is your time.” Seth Godin has a book that sits on my coffee table titled, What To Do When It’s Your Turn (and it’s always your turn). These represent the energies of February in full swing. Take a risk, and open up.

I recently started a hoop class (yes, as in hula hoop), and it is the greatest joy. It allows me to tap into my feminine and the little girl that wants to play. If the teacher, Laura Aszman, weren’t wiling to be brave enough to offer this gift, we would all miss out on the value of her offering. Because she was willing to take a leap and follow her unique path, we get the benefit of witnessing her truth and learning from it. It has become the best part of my week. I laugh and feel free. These are the things that lift our planet into healing. These are the things that bring us into the vibration of joy, laughter and creation.

This month we are working with mantra instead of guided meditation as an expression of externalizing what is on your heart. Mantra has been hugely beneficial for me and supported me through very difficult times. It’s a way of moving what lies on the chest causing grief and weight. The chant we’re using is about the balance of masculine and feminine. Om is the energy of universal love and life force. Sri is a form of respect as in dear, lord, sir. Jai means victory. Ram is said to be the Lord as light in the masculine and Sita is said to be the Lord of light in the feminine. Sita and Ram were married and when I feel into this chant, I hear the weaving of masculine and feminine, the balance of those two. Take a listen to get the tune in your head and then chant freely on your own. If this is totally uncomfortable, good! It’s something new and uncovered, and this could be that path towards exploring a new part of yourself.

Om Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram x 4

Sita Ram Sita Ram x 4

The energies of January felt rather rough, so be gentle with yourself. Call a friend, reach out, let others know how you’re doing so you can get your needs met. This is also part of the opening up of the heart: being vulnerable and speaking your needs. This is also externalizing your heart.

Walk in joy and love. Be who you are.

All my love, Heidi

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