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Diving Deep

The vision I was shown for July was standing at the edge of a hole in the ground getting ready to jump in — not feet first, but to dive in, head first! And if we refuse, we will be pushed. The pain and the discomfort comes from the resistance, so best to just get on with it. We are going into the depths of the darkness to reveal truths that lay hidden or dormant there. Truths about ourselves, our mission, our purpose, and our sacredness. The ultimate discovery is that everything is, and already was, ok. Including us as individuals. The lie was that we are, or were not, ok. That is what we have to unpack. In order to do that, we have to go into the underworld. We have to in search of the parts of ourselves we let go of, thinking they were of no use. That's the convergence energy from June that is still with us. We're ringing our singing bowls to bring all of those forgotten selves back to life. These may be from the depths of childhood, past lives, or even that part of yourself you let go of last week. It feels like really old, ancient memory and selves, but it can also be something more recent.

The energy of disillusionment is ever present as we have five planets in retrograde, which always indicates the energy of review, reassess, rediscover, and reorder — all the "re's". The curtain is being pulled back to reveal truths that were hidden in plain site. As those truths begin to make themselves known, triggers abound, as we struggle to hang on to what was, or what we thought it was. Make sure to take extra time and space as you navigate those triggers within yourself to avoid taking them out on others. And the question arises, how true were our truths if an idea to the contrary can knock us down so easily? Chances are, they weren't so true anyway. Make space for all of it.

In shamanism there is a term for healers called being a "hollow bone," and the reason for this is because as a healer, you have to become a hollow bone to allow spirit to move through you and access wisdom that perhaps doesn't include ideas from your human ego.

So in other words, you have to get out of the way, to allow truth to come through you.

I have to do this when working clients one-on-one, and when doing Spirit Readings, so the channel can come through clean without my input or interpretation. The information is meant for the client, and so I have to bring it through raw. They will interpret it as it is meant for them. And this is how we are all learning to work now. We have to dive into the depths of our hearts to discover hidden truths there, without judging them. Judgement shoves them back into the dark. We came all this way into the depths to bring them back with us so they can have life again, dancing and playing in the light, freeing us from the suffering of not knowing who we really are, so let them live; let them tell you what beautiful truths they have to share.

Perspective is also a very prevalent energy right now. Our thoughts, feelings, but mostly our beliefs, shape our reality. If you believe something is terrible, it will be, simply because you've placed that value on it. And likewise, if you believe something is wonderful, it will be, because you've placed that value on it. If there is one truth that has perhaps been the most devastating for us humans, it is not knowing how powerful we truly are. Our beliefs shape our reality, which is why meditation and being mindful and present is so important; it allows us to stay present with who we are, and what we know, which in turn allows us to be sovereign. We can't be led around by the nose if we have a stronghold in who we are. Again, this brings in the hollow bone energy. Let it all be without judgment; let it pass through you. You can figure out what to do with it later, now is just the time to feel it and reveal it.

This song came forward as wanting to be shared here. Think of these lines from Don McLean's song, Vincent, as you're searching in the darkness for yourself. Forgive yourself for not knowing, for leaving these parts behind. You're not wrong, you just didn't know. Now you can see them with new light, and love them back into being. And yes, this song is about Vincent van Gogh, but let go of judgment around that; a good time to practice things having more than one meaning.

"Now I understand

What you tried to say to me

And how you suffered for your sanity

And how you tried to set them free

They would not listen, they did not know how

Perhaps they'll listen now"

Things to focus on this month:

Breath Work Breath work will help clear and purify the lungs (where we store our grief energy). Square breathing is a good one (inhale for 4, hold for 4, exhale for 4, hold for 4, and continue for several rounds), or kapalabati breathing known as the "breath of fire" (rapid breathing through the nose with a forceful exhale and quick inhale). Chanting is another great way to purify the lungs and move energy, not to mention getting in touch with your heart.

Forgiveness — The level of grief and sorrow we have collectively experienced is beyon measure. We are traversing very deep territory, as is obvious in the presence of the underworld. We must be gentle with ourselves. Forgive ourselves for not knowing, forgive others whom we assumed were the cause of our suffering, so we can come into a state of peace. This is where everything is, and already was, perfect. Everything that has happened to us has allowed us to learn something, whether we wanted it or not.

Vulnerability — As you go swimming in the underworld and begin to find forgotten parts of yourself, you will naturally be called towards vulnerability, with self and others. You will need it to hold the container of all these new truths, allowing them in. Be gentle with yourself. Try and find at least one person you can share these truths with to help you anchor them into your system. Journaling also helps to pull them out of the body and make them real on paper.

Play — We have been under so much stress lately, we really need the energy of play. Dance, sing, play games, take off your mask and be outside. We need the fresh energy to fill the spaces that are being purified and released right now.

As always, be well and take care of yourselves this month. Newcomers are always welcome to Women's Circle if that calls. Held most Thursdays at alternating times. Preregister to join on the events page.

All my love, Heidi

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