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Divine Perfection

Welcome to January, and a brand new year. This is a special time as we enter a new year in the midst of Venus Retrograde. As the planet of relationships and harmony, it signals a time for review of the relationship structures we have in place. Are our relationships serving us? Do they meet our needs? Are the rules and structures we have in place out of date? Are age-old assumptions running the show, but not working for us anymore? Does the scaffolding need an update? This is similar to construction building codes being updated on of our relationships. This is finite detail territory. There is an exacting nature here that is critical to get right as we go forward. Anything that is out of alignment to who we have become will fall away. As William Stafford says in his poem A Ritual to Read to Each Other, "the signals we give — yes or no, or maybe — should be clear: the darkness around us is deep." There is, at once, no time to spare, coupled with an ease that it is all happening automatically, like a computer program being updated while we sleep.

The image I was shown this month to describe the energy was a crisp, white tablecloth laying neatly over a table's corner. The table is clean, empty, fresh. The table cloth is bright white, crisp, and ready for something entirely new. It's the way a restaurant feels at the beginning of the day: new linens, ready for a whole new crowd, but no energy has yet filled the place. It's quiet. The day is yet unknown. The corners are sharp and exacting. There is precision here. No words to mince. Direct language. Nothing out of place. Maybe this is the way we speak to ourselves, or others. Maybe this is the fresh perspective we see on an old situation. A bit of a dark night of the soul, as retrogrades can be, but for our highest good as we get crystal clear on what we want, and how we want it, going forward. What an incredible energy to begin the new year with. Take time in the deep cave of self to feel this energy. Like a cold morning after fresh snow. There is peace in the perspective. Quiet. Calm. Like the calm before a storm perhaps, or maybe the storm will pass while we sleep. In any case we are getting a crisp perspective on where we're going so we can easily, and without hesitation, cut away anything that would hold us back from where we are going. And yet, the cutting may be happening for us. The element of air is present. The way your hands can get dry in winter after so much hand washing and cold weather, or the way a branch cracks and breaks free — just because it's winter, no work necessary.

There is almost melancholy here, a loss of what was. As I said in the Full Moon Ceremony, December 17, what was and what is are sitting side by side. We have changed so much over the last two years that the fabric of who we are has been altered, and with that, there is no way that where we were fits us anymore. And so there is a bit of grief, and yet we know on some level that where we are is better for the new us, while the loss necessary to bring us there still sits close enough to be aware of its heartbeat. We may want to pick it up again, try it on, but it won't fit anymore, and so alas we must let it go. There is a waiting, and patience, as the divine perfection of what is and what's coming takes care of itself. We think we have so much effect on the world, or on where our life goes, but think of the major changes that have occurred in your life. Were they your choice, or did they seem to be happening on their own and you were just reacting to the updated information? It calls in the divine nature of things always running in the background. The way mother earth does her thing, taking care of herself, and we know what's changed, or what is changing, when we know — and not a minute sooner.

I've been talking about the rise of the divine feminine for years now, but it feels as though it's finally landed in a rooted way. The energy of balance coming in. The masculine and feminine taking up equal space. Striving and Patience. Doing and Being. Dark and Light. They are both necessary, as both sides of our bodies are necessary, as both energies are necessary for forward movement. And speaking of forward movement, 2022 is a 6 year. 2020 was a 4 year (think four legs on the table = stability). 2021 was a 5 year (the table is now built and we're sharing things across it, finding our people, using our tools, etc.). 2022 equals 6, which makes a hexagon. A hexagon makes a circle, or a wheel. And with a wheel, we have forward movement. So expect things to get cracking this year: your career, your relationships, your understanding of what is. This doesn't mean that things are coming together just as you want them, but what you place your energy and attention on will happen faster like a snowball rolling down the hill. Be careful what you wish for, and put your attention on. This is powerful alchemy, and a chance to see what you can effect and what you can't.

There's a lot to digest right now. Endings and beginnings. What is the message in the mess? Take the necessary time to let patience have its way with you. Let sitting with the mess inform you. How have you changed over the last year(s), and what what is spirit calling you towards now? It may be a complete alteration of how your life looks, where you're going, who you're going there with. Let what wants to fall away go. Let the tears float you down the river of transformation. The universe is always conspiring in your favor. Change happens FOR you, not TO you. Don't take it personal, just lean in and breathe into allowing it all to move in divine perfection. Spirit knows what it's doing. Our job is just to trust it.

Things to consider this month —

Routine Practice — This has been coming in for a while now, but it's really present at this time. The need for routine, practice, a thread we can hold on to as we walk the changing terrain. We need to stay focused on what is important, the inner workings, the intentions of our soul, and not what the outside world would like us to focus on. This will help your attention and intention stay grounded and within your grasp and awareness. Meditation, mantra, exercise, journaling, whatever tool you use to stay grounded and present, aware of YOU and where your energy is going.

Slow Your Roll — We need time and space to let all the magic happen, in its own time. With so much change and adjustment, there is release happening, and release needs surrender. Slow your pace: breathe, pause, rest, notice, adjust, repeat.

Be The Witness — Staying awake to what is happening is also important. Rather than reacting and moving in to change something, practice being the witness and just observing. Often we monkey with things that don't need our tinkering ways. And sometimes the tinkering can make a mess of what's trying to shift naturally.

Oil of the Month — CLARITY — This is such a good one this month as we're calling in awareness and attention, without striving. Some ingredients include: Basil (renewal), Cardamom (objectivity), Peppermint (buoyant heart), Rosemary (knowledge and transition), Roman Chamomile (spiritual purpose), Geranium (love & trust), Bergamot (self-acceptance), and Ylang Ylang (inner child), to name a few.

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