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Defining Your Circle

Updated: Mar 14, 2021

Well, my loves, February was a doozy, in every sense of the word. Are you breathing? Are you still standing? Do you need a lifeline? Phone a friend? I have needed all of it. I found myself on the ground many times, sorting through all the rubble, all that is being brought to the surface, all that needs letting go. The sentence comes to mind: let go, or be dragged. This is where we are. Times and energy are changing rapidly and we must rise to the occasion, but first is the falling on the ground phase. We have to let go of everything that is holding us back, and this is what we continue to do in March.

One of the key images I work with in individual healing sessions is drawing your circle, and this is what I was shown when I asked about March's energy. This image that shows up for me over and over again: a circle with a dot in the center. I only just recently realized this is the symbol for the sun in astrology: ⊙. I have used this symbol in my instagram profile without even realizing it. I knew it to be the image of sovereignty, of sacred space, of defining what is mine and what is someone else's. If we can't define that and be clear about it, we will get muddied again and again with other people's garbage. This is the empath/narcissist relationship we are all too familiar with. Even if we didn't have that name for it, we know it as people pleasing, codependency, poor boundaries, vampire/blood donor, and the list goes on. We are being called right now to get perfectly clear about this, lest we get sucked into someone else's narrative. The terrain is ripe for falling prey to other people's idea of you. Cancel culture is just one example. We have to take our power back and instead follow our own inner urges, callings and knowing. In the words of Shakespeare: "to thine own self be true." No one is a better judge of you than you are of yourself. And you are the best judge of yourself when you have done what you should or could have; what YOU know to be true for YOU. That is when you have claimed the center of your circle, sat upon your own thrown, followed the true path of your sun sign as it has been laid out for you. We are now in the third house of relationships and siblings, so expect this energy to come up with your nearest and dearest.

Cleaning is another theme that's coming up, so take it all as food for growth, and an opportunity to clean house. When we draw our circles, we define what is ours and what is not, but we also get a chance to see what is occupying our current circle. With the boundary defined, we now get to see what dust, mold, old garbage, expired relationship contracts, limiting beliefs, physical or emotional weight is hanging out in our spaces. And as is the rule in energy healing: the physical body maps to the energy body. So although invisible, what you are carrying energetically, you are carrying physically, which will eventually cause disease, repeated relationship dynamics, mental health instability, etc.

March asks us to clean it up, NOW! Make haste, there is no time to waste.

What you resist will persist, so again: let go or be dragged.

But do not feel abandoned. This is all happening to allow you to see where you have been muddy with your boundaries, what you have taken on that isn't yours, what definition you are living by that may have nothing to do with who you truly are. Defining your circle also means taking responsibility for your decisions and actions. And this brings in the bittersweet. It is much easier to blame someone else for why your life isn't working out. But if you have chosen consciously or unconsciously, which is also a decision, you have no one else to blame but yourself. This is painful to reconcile, and also great news. If it is your responsibility, then you have full control over changing it. You need no one's permission to redefine and edit your choices. This defining of your circle is not limited to your physical space, this may include people in your life, junk in your house, clutter in your mind, stuck energy in your body — it runs the full gamut. I know we've been doing a hell of a lot of cleaning already these last years, but this is getting down to the nitty gritty now, the invisible ways we let go of self care.

The last energy I want to talk about for March is the reveal energy I've been feeling for months. When is it coming? It seems to be eeking out slowly but the pressure is so big, I was expecting something more dramatic. Here is the latest update I'm feeling. We are moving from duality consciousness to unity consciousness, and that means working together in groups, collaborating, letting our masculine and feminine cross the center line of our bodies, and in other words — TRUST. So it appears, this reveal we are working towards requires all hands on deck. It's a collective reveal. We must individually do our work and claim our own circles. As we do that, we draw others towards us that are doing the same, and this massive collective wave gets created. And aspect of doing so means cultivating trust in our neighbors. A trust we have long defended against. Especially in the US we have been shamed into being individualists. We are expected to be grown at 18, never to return home again. This is madness in other cultures who welcome multi-generational cohabitation for their whole lives. In these cultures, the idea of separating is absurd because it defies strength in numbers. This individualistic way of living has made us feel separate, alone, afraid. But as with our boundaries, we can claim this back at any time. Be prepared for blowback from those going with the status quo, but having your boundaries well defined will allow all of that to fall easily to the ground where it belongs.

Suggestions for the month:

Redefine Self Care — As we are changing and shifting rapidly, so is our need for self care and what that looks like. Let yourself play and feel into what changes are needed and allow them in.

Sort and Define — Decide what stays and what goes. The clearer you can get about this, the clearer your space will be, and the clearer the direction you're going will become. Be ruthless about this decision making. Channel your inner Marie Kondo. Whatever stays is taking up valuable space. Make sure it belongs amidst your most sacred things.

Drop the Masks — They aren't helping you anymore. Whatever image you're projecting is what will be reflected back to you. If you're projecting a falsehood, that is what you will get back, and so, you will never be nourished because you are being fed food for someone else — the person you're pretending to be. In order to be nourished and fed the appropriate food, you must reveal who you actually are.

Suggested Oil of the Month — Grapefruit — Honoring Your Body.

Free Oil of the Month from DōTERRA for LRP members— Cedarwood — Community

All my love, Heidi

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