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Creating Your Wild Life

Updated: May 6, 2020

This month is all about the throat, creativity and expression. The figure 8 in the throat chakra is being activated and this highlights the dualistic energy that travels between sharing and listening, productivity and restoration, yang and yin. Our throats have been overworked in only one direction — production. We have been trained to believe that our worthiness and value is about what we produce and how busy we are. This is designed on purpose to keep you out of your root, and out of your knowing.

Creativity gets cultivated in two places. First in the navel (sex) chakra and then it travels up to express out of the throat. When we overwork our throats externally (out in front of us), it puts out the fire of creativity that burns in our belly and we miss the sweet balancing of listening (back behind us) that allows us to hear what the sex chakra is saying, what it wants to create, and why. This month, tune in to how much external expression you’re doing, and notice where it’s coming from. Creativity needs to be cultivated in the belly. It’s slow and rich and fertile like a seed planted that needs nurturing and space and time before it bares fruit. If the focus of the throat is always about producing, then we can lose focus on why we're producing. This can be seen in the over-dominant masculine culture that is hell bent on production for profit, not necessarily for making the world a better place. This is the result of an imbalanced masculine and feminine, within ourselves and within the culture. To balance that we need to raise the feminine, raise our creativity, and stay in flow.

Many of you are now stepping away from traditional jobs. Going off the grid so-to-speak, becoming invisible to the dominant culture. The young people coming in want nothing to do with this old way. They want to be masters of their own ship, connected to their creativity and their independence— and many of you that have not been, are now moving in that direction; unleashing yourselves from the collective grid. In this way, you can become part of a new narrative, a new paradigm, the one YOU created — increasing the creative energy on the planet, and in your own lives.

Material things are much less important than we have been taught to believe. They keep us handcuffed to the routine of our lives. They keep us out of flow, out of creativity, and stuck in the matrix of accumulating, which necessitates staying in the wheel of the collective machine. Consuming moves that machine forward. Practice this month stepping back from that force. With the holidays here, think about ways to transform the typical gift giving. Consider firing up your creativity and making gifts. Create ways to focus on your circle, your friends, your family. Honoring them in the ways of the heart, not in the ways that weaken your system and keep you stuck. Create rituals that you can do together with a focus on being-ness.

Step back from the force of externalizing, talking, sharing everything about yourself, constantly posting on social media, focusing on everything that is out in front of you. Allow the flow instead to move behind you, to listen, to gather energy, to cultivate a relationship with your internal wisdom, to slow down, to root. Meditate, eat root vegetables, get rest — all the blessed things that are held in the natural rhythm of the season. The consumer season encourages an increase in sugar, caffeine and alcohol to get you through the over busyness that it’s asking you to keep up with. This depletes your system and causes illness. Following the season of nature allows you to slow down, tune in, and reflect. The more you can do that, the more you will loosen the grip of societal expectations on you. Make your own rules. Create. Use the energy of earths' cycles to create what Mary Oliver describes as “your one wild and precious life" — the one your heart and soul calls you to, not the one from the outside.

We will explore this is in the meditation this month. Place your attention and resources into listening and creating — not in purchasing material things that give you two minutes of relief from over productivity. Work towards things you value and support so that what does get created in the outside world is in alignment with your values. Vote with your dollar, your energy, your time.

Have a wonderful December. Enjoy nesting and being artistic. 🎨

All my love, Heidi

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