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Converging into Resonance

Welcome to June! Do we even know what day and time it is anymore? I feel like I barely know what season it is, even while I watch it changing outside the window. There is so much energy moving through, it's a bit overwhelming, like all the guitar strings being plucked at once. We are building off the energy from May of finding that internal resonance, that internal radio station that is our true baseline so we can better understand, and come to know, who we truly are; who we were before we were born. We've had this very deliberate container of self, even if it wasn't our idea, through the separation caused by the pandemic. That separation has allowed us to discover the stillness within our own energy field, the beat of our own natural rhythm, separate from what the world would like to tell us, separate from how the world would like to shape us.

In June, we now combine that energy with a softening of the heart, a vulnerability to be with our feelings and share those with others. A desire to take this being we discovered in quarantine and allow that to be seen in the outside world. The confines of quarantine had even the shy, introverts sharing more on social media. Myself included! We dropped our guards (behind the mask of our online presence at least). We've had celebrities sharing themselves from the privacy of their homes. I've even shared videos in my pj's with no make-up, hair a mess. Since we've been in this together, there's been an acceptance around things being as they are, and that's led to US being more fully who WE are as individuals, sharing that more than we would've behind the former masks of who we thought we were suppose to be. That mask shielded us, protected us from the outside world, the pain of being ridiculed for being different. We've gotten to know who we are behind this mask, loved ourselves even, seen ourselves as connected with humanity in a way we didn't before. And all of that has created a natural melting of the heart, a softening of our defenses, a desire to be more real in the world. As things begin to open up again (depending on your location of course, but regardless, this opening is felt in the collective), we struggle with mixed feelings about this movement forward. Will we be able to hang on to what we've garnered in our solitude? Will the world accept the new me? Will the new world even be like the old world? And this is like the crashing of two cymbals, causing that reverberation that feels like all the guitar strings being plucked at once — inside of us.

With that crashing of cymbals, brings convergence, that ultimately becomes resonance — but first — we go through the period of discomfort as those masks we've worn our whole lives begin to disappear. The barricades we've placed around our hearts are not serving us any longer. We've discovered, consciously or unconsciously, that those fences aren't keeping us safe; they're keeping us separate, alone, afraid. But like any child who loses their security blanket, there's a moment (or a long while) before we become comfortable again without it. With time, we will see that we can in fact do this thing: be vulnerable in the outside world and withstand the potential pain of ridicule. With time, we will discover that NOT putting ourselves out there is guaranteed rejection, because:

we can not be seen and nourished for our real selves,

if we're not putting our real selves out there to be seen.

It's a conundrum, but it's where we are. And as Glennon Doyle says: we can do hard things. So expect some tantrums, from yourself and others, as we adjust to this new normal. We all have thoughts, feelings, and opinions of how this "should" go. No one has the right answer for everyone else. We must move in the way that feels authentic to us. Some of us want to bust out and "get back to normal." Some of us want to hang at home and see what happens. And some of us want to do a combo. I don't care to have a commentary on which way is right, and I personally feel everyone has to follow their own compass here, so long as you are respectful of where others are at, and take measures to keep each other safe. What's more important to me here, is to bring your attention to what's happening within and around that beautiful heart of yours; to notice how it may feel more tender than usual; to notice how that tenderness may search for a way to be protected again. This will show up differently for everyone, as we all have different methods of protection honed. We may lash out at others, we may notice it's easier to talk about it without lashing out. It will depend where we are on the spectrum, and how much internal work we have done; how aware we are of what's happening within us on any given day.

It's a wild ride but we can do this, and we will be better for it.

Things to consider this month:

Meditation — This is an always and forever suggestion, but it's important this month because as we move from the inside to the outside physically, we will need reminders that those beautiful, tender things we discovered in solitude still get to exist within us. We're learning to walk differently in the outside world and we need reminds that we are safe.

Intentional Community — Find some people that you can intentionally move through this territory with. It doesn't need to be a large group, and unless it's really sacred and intentional space, it should probably be with a smaller group to keep the energy focused. Use this as a place to process what is happening, share what is coming up for you. Reflection is so powerful during the alchemical process. It allows you to feel seen, heard, and to know you are not alone. I offer a Women's Circle several times a month as sacred ceremony and community if that calls.

Creativity — This can come in any form: writing, drawing, painting, dance, music, whatever calls. Creativity is a form of energetic movement so it allows stuck energy to move and process out. It's like exercise for your spirit. And it's super fun. I've been offering an Intuitive Collage workshop a few times a month that is really eye-opening and informative. Doing this work is like stepping into an intuitive stream. You begin having a conversation with your higher self, allowing a bird's eye view, rather than a mouse view, seeing only what's on the ground, the obstacles in your way.

Diet — If you don't already have a plant-based diet, consider adding some fruits and veggies. Even if it's just a smoothie in the morning, or a juice, and the rest stays the same. The vibration of plants is higher than that of packaged food, or meat and dairy, so adding these will help your system vibrate higher and move out stuck energy, making this shift a little easier.

Have a wonderful month. Looking forward to seeing how this plays out! Be safe out there as the world begins to open up.

All my love, Heidi

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