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Controlled Freedom

Ooh loves, it's a doozy this month. Lots of really massive teachings are starting to come through. The stretch, grit, pull, density, and cost of duality is starting to make itself known. With the recent overturning of Roe v. Wade alone, we can see evidence of a system that we have placed in a position of being in control of our freedom. How and why have we done this? This is the energy that we are beginning to unpack as a collective. It points towards the both/and rather than the either/or. There's nuance (aka the feminine) necessary for balance and justice, and when it's not being employed we have chaos, stagnation, and disease. Tension is one word for the current energies, but the hidden gem (the card we got this month) is that tension creates balance.

We have long been engaged in duality, which when manipulated as it has been, creates war, dominance, judgment, justification, competition, and everything that is NOT harmony, balance, humanity, beauty, growth, honor, respect, ease, flow and most importantly, safety. We panic and wonder why we feel so terrible, just to turn around and participate in it as a way of not ending up on the bottom. What if we let go of the wheel, stopped focusing on who is right and wrong, and let the unique expression of our beautiful spirits guide our way? It's almost like participating in the system itself keeps the system going. If we don't want to fuel the wheel, we have to get off of it. This brings up all kinds of FOMO. Fear of being left out, fear of becoming irrelevant, fear of not making money, fear of death if we don't do it the old "tried and true way", which is definitely tried, but most certainly not true! It only becomes true when we make it so. When we tell ourselves there is no other way. And then that same rote routine we've been pavings all this time just gets deeper and deeper. It's dense, painful and challenging to change the old way of doing things just like getting over abuse, or stepping out of toxic relationships, we have to rewire our neurology to expect and allow something different. Insert addictive behaviors that may come up when you're changing such deep patterns.

In my former job I worked with teens and young women who had been exposed to high levels of trauma, and what I learned in doing that work was that whatever it is we are exposed to at a young age becomes our normal. No matter how toxic or abusive it is, it is all we know, and so it becomes the foundation of our future, and what we are willing to accept in all relationships going forward. Until we see something different. When we have experiences that show us there is another way to go, we begin to long for it and start creating that something new almost immediately. It's a gorgeous process to watch. As I would listen to these beautiful women speak and tell their stories, I could see them transforming in real time. Over years of witnessing the same women, I saw them completely alchemize their experience and blossom into confident, courageous women who would stop at nothing to become who they were truly meant to be. It's the process of turning your pain into your purpose which I teach about and use in my work. Whatever pain you have been through, I promise you there is purpose on the other side of that. You just have to investigate it long enough to get the information.

Speaking of trauma, if you're not familiar with the Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) test, you can take the test yourself here. I will offer a trigger warning as this can be really activating to take and witness in yourself. It may be helpful to share the experience with a trusted friend or therapist. The purpose of it initially was to determine a correlation between the level of childhood trauma exposure with adult health and social outcomes. Yes, what we experience lands in our body and causes disease when it goes unchecked. If this topic interests you further, I highly recommend watching The Wisdom of Trauma.

So then, change is highly possible, when we see that something else is possible. That possibility is becoming more and more revealed and is the background of the July energy. Gritty and uncomfortable, but where the magic happens. Finding, claiming, rooting in, and expressing your unique signature is the key to transforming your reality. It's like the growth of a seed from the earth that has germinated and begins to blossom. You have the right to shine and blossom. It is what you came here to do. And we all need your unique signature at this time to help activate the grid of change happening on the planet.

A couple suggestions for this month —

Cocooning — Allow yourself to deeply listen to yourself and express your unique signature. It's challenging to do that with all the noise. So limiting input from the outside will help you hear the sound of your own voice, the sound of nature, and be more deeply guided by what and how you long to live.

Water — Being in and around water this month as a way to alchemize. Drink lots of water, be near running water, listen to the sound of running water, take baths.

Release — Letting go can be hard to do. Use whatever method feels right. Exercise, crying, meditating, talking it out, writing, any way to move the energy from inside to outside is a great tool always, but especially now. We have to start taking care of our physical bodies as a way of cleaning house for our spirits.

Oil of the month — Copaiba — the energy of Unveiling. Courage to see the truth. This is a beautiful one also for neurological support. A drop under the tongue, on the top of the head, or placing a drop on the thumb and putting the thumb to the roof of your mouth will help calm the system down. It's also great for under-eye dark circles.

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