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Clear the Path

Oh loves, what a wild last two months it has been. Inside, outside, upside down. We are learning to reorient ourselves, from the inside out, not the outside in. No small task after thousands of years of programming in the other direction.

The critical message: we have left out the mother.

We have ignored our longings, our cravings, our wild. We have subjugated ourselves; bought into the story that it was our duty to do so. That it was success, even. But that definition was never ours, and we are waking up to the mysteries again, to the magic that our power was ours all along.

The message for March is clear the path. Remove anything and everything that keeps you from truly knowing who you are; that keeps you doubting yourself. This might be inner thoughts (we are, in fact, in the midst of a thought war), and this may be physical situations or people that keep you from clarity. The vision I was shown was a squeegee clearing out our whole energetic fields.

But here is the important piece: this clearing is not happening FOR you,

you must take up the instruments with your own hands and clear the path yourself.

It is in your decision, your will, your choice to take up your own power and change your life that is the necessary ingredient to this. There's no hall pass here. There's no magic wielded for those that aren't willing to lift the shovel and do the work themselves. We all came here with a purpose, a job we intended to do. The density that is part of our current earthly experience, keeps us from remembering that through distraction and exhaustion. If we stay on the hamster wheel of doing, we can not hear the message; we can not remember what we came here to do. The past couple months (and years) have been about disrupting that cycle; about slowing us down enough to hear it. And once you know, you can't unknow.

This is akin to a diet or exercise routine, but intention matters. If you decide to go on a diet or start exercising from a place of unworthiness, you are taking something up out of self hatred. So as you're engaging in this, you are doing so out of disgust for your body, and beating yourself up for not being where or who you think you should be. If you instead decide once and for all you are tired of carrying around a prison of your own making (whatever that prison is for you), and you deeply KNOW that you deserve better, the whole outcome changes. The pattern will change simply because you're done with it. You don't need it anymore. This is the magic we are capable of wielding. Thoughts create our reality. We have been asleep to how powerful we are, and this is the magic we are waking up to.

In energy healing, one of the main things I help my clients with is removing obstacles that get in their way. The beliefs, the old unconscious contracts we've made to stay where we are. These can be in this life, in past lives, with our whole ancestral line. The possibilities are endless. When we have trauma in our systems they get lodged in our bodies and wreck havoc we aren't even aware of. Choosing that you want to change is half the battle. If I see something in someone's field and they aren't ready to let it go, it won't move. But with willingness and belief, it moves on a dime.

The last two months have been like a lightening bolt coming down to illuminate all the decisions that we have made against ourselves. Now it's time to do the clean up work. A colleague of mine in my 20s said to me once, "No one is going to do it but you. No one is going to hand you the thing you want, you have to decide you want it and go after it yourself." At the time if felt harsh and judgmental, but now I get it. We determine where we go. No one else can do that but us. And yes, we have spirit guides supporting us and we are never alone, but what she was talking about was making the decision in the pit of your gut and determining that you deserve it enough to receive it. All of that is an inside job, and if you don't believe you can have it, or that you deserve it, you literally keep it from yourself. We have been taught out of this knowing. We haven't realized we hold the keys to the prison we put ourselves in. And now is the time to jailbreak the goddess. What circumstance in your life is at a critical mass and in the way of you living your fullest expression? It's time to pull your hair back, commit to it, and clear out the damn basement, literally or figuratively.

We are sad when we don't express the truth of who we are. It builds and festers and becomes disease in our bodies. It wages war against us just trying desperately to been seen. Are you being a good steward of the spirit that came here to experience itself? No one else is going to do it but you. It doesn't matter if you know yet what or who that is. It doesn't matter if someone else has already done what you long to do. Your spirit has a unique energetic signature and only YOU can express exactly like you. We need YOU and all your uniqueness.

Things to consider this month:

Solar Plexus Chant — It just so happens that I'm moving into the solar plexus chant on March 10, which is a perfect chant for March as we're pusher through the lower chakra density and clearing our paths forward. You're welcome to join along. You can find the chant recording and chakra essential oil blend to go with it on the shop page.

Clear Your Space — There's a literal aspect to this energy and it will help move it though your body to get physical and clean your space. Clear out the attic, the basement, the back of the closet. Let go of things that no longer serve the person you are becoming and the direction you are going.

Alone Time — Make sure to carve out alone time as a regular thing. If you're not getting enough alone time, you're not able to connect with your inner voice, your inner preferences. Connect to yourself on purpose, not just alone time watching tv, although that can be healing too. Slow down enough to truly listen so you can be guided where Spirit is leading you.

Oil of the Month — TRANSFORMATION a mix of earthy scents for clarification, sacred space, heart healing and openness, and grounding. My referral# 29519856.

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