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Cleansing Your Containers

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

Welcome to August! As I mentioned in July, we have been on a deep dive into the underworld to gather old parts of ourselves: jewels, gems, forgotten treasures that are needed for our journey forward. As we've been swimming around down there all month, we are now ready to begin noticing what we've discovered, dusting those off, and bring them back up to the light with us. For now, it has probably felt a bit muddy. Swimming around in the dark, even with a purpose, can be disorienting and daunting. In the last week we've had the additional support of mother/yin/lunar and father/yang/solar energies facing us on either side. This hyper attention and focus has turned us into a bit of a stew. We are receiving the unconditional love from our planetary forces and our own personal guides to help us "melt" our energetic bone marrow (i.e. past programming, shoulds, people pleasing, past lives, trauma, or whatever has been keeping us stuck) away from the bone, that for now, likely feels like a gelatinous mess. We are cooking in the discomfort of all this change, attention, reorientation towards self love, call to let go of what no longer serves. We are in the kitchen, and it's a hot mess. Our "container" (i.e. the body we inhabit, the mind we inhabit, the emotions we inhabit) has been going through an upgrade, and in order to inhabit all the new gems that are coming forward and making themselves known, we must be willing to let go of what was. It's particularly a hot mess right now because we are knee deep in the VERY old patterns. We're done with the light ones, the easy ones. We're onto the big guns, the tectonic plates, the patterns that are so "us," we don't even realize they are there, or how deeply identified we are with that way of being because they feel like who we are. Hence, the cooking. We have needed this period of discomfort, to cook away the marrow from the bone. To see who we are (the bone, the instrument, the vessel), versus the marrow (the programming, the shoulds, the identification with that way of thinking, feeling, being).

With all of this cooking, we are now in more of a bone broth with everything mixed together. Hence, the mess. It's pretty murky and hard to see what's real or not real, you or not you, true of false, programming or the original you when it's all mixed in together. A codependent nightmare so to speak. In order to do this properly, we have to cleanse our container, our vessel. We have to use a high-powered, pressure washer to reveal the jewels in all the soot. We have to let the water of our emotions cleanse us. We have to still our minds to hear our guides and higher self. We have to shed our emotional or physical weight to reveal all that's hiding underneath. No small task, but we're up for the job! And, we have a lot of planetary support for this right now. In many ways, this is what we've been trained and prepped for, even if we didn't know it.

So what does all this mean? First and foremost, it means getting crystal clear with your boundaries. What boundaries are necessary for this new person you are becoming? If you're not sure, a good place to look is where your boundaries have already been leaky. Because, you have already been this person you are becoming, only it was hidden from view for safe keeping so the real you wouldn't get trampled. The world is changing, making it safer for you to come out and reveal yourself, but that will require rock-solid boundaries. This means YOU working for YOU. What do YOU need BEFORE everyone else? What does YOUR vessel or container need BEFORE it provides to everyone else? And guess what? People who have been benefitting from your over-giving or blurring your own boundaries are not going to enjoy this. And that's totally ok. It's part of their cleansing and unpacking as well to be disconnected from. How can they find themselves if they're always plugged into you? So it goes back to the age-old teaching: when you heal yourself, you heal those around you. Whether they like it or not is another story.

And it's important to remember: you're not practicing boundaries

with or for someone else, you're practicing them for YOURSELF.

In the realm of boundaries lives self-love, self-care, self-nurturing. Those that are use to giving themselves away will likely find receiving very uncomfortable, even if that receiving is from yourself. Taking a bath, going for a run, saying no when you really want to say yes, eating well, getting exercise, being in nature, meditating. These are all things that might seem arbitrary, but in actuality can be quite triggering. Start small. Check in with yourself daily. How are you doing? What do you need? Answer those calls first. Notice where you go out of obligation instead of out of true intent from your core being. If you show up for a role out of obligation, no one will get nourished. Even the person you think you're fulfilling. On some level, they will know your being is somewhere else, and you'll get resentful for time spent doing something out of sync with your inner compass. It's a win-win when you take care of yourself first. Then, you can be fully present where you are because you consciously chose to be there. This is what we're learning to do. And the outside energies could not be more supportive for this. With all the chaos in the outside world right now, it's pointing us right back to ourselves in search of our own truth. That's how we build sovereignty. We don't need to ask for permission, we simply take back what was already ours.

Areas to focus this month:

Cleansing the Mind — Always and forever meditation will be a good place to start. Stilling the mind cleanses out the debris that gets collected from over thinking, too much technology, and all the stimuli we're hit with on a daily basis. Put the phone on silent, go for a walk, make space around you. Think of this as hygiene just like brushing your teeth. Have your had your daily silence bath?

Cleansing the Body — Diet and exercise are obvious ones here. We carry emotional weight in our physical bodies by the way we eat and move, or not, and this takes a toll over time. See what changes you can make here to bring that part of your life into more balance. No shaming, just noticing and adjusting. There's also and area to look that is more subtle. The state of your home, car, work space are all external manifestations (i.e. spirit talking to you) about the state of your body and physical vessel. Clean out the garage, your car, your workspace. Start in the bowels. Clear out what can obviously go, what is clearly garbage, and then work your way in.

Cleansing the Emotions — This one can be harder to access. We've been trained to place our focus outward so much that often we don't even know how we feel. This is what I have coined the "go fuck yourself" practice, and you'll soon see why. Allow yourself to sit in meditation quietly, set a timer, and drop in towards yourself. Tune in to the inner you that has lots to say about your life, your day, your past, whatever. Allow yourself to speak out loud how you feel and what you wish you could say. This could turn into a full on rage bath. Whether it's rage, tears, laughter, whatever comes, let it wash over you as you hand this back to mother earth. In doing so, you will discover much about what boundaries you have let go of, and what you have wanted to say that you let slide. You don't have to ever share your feelings with another person. The point is to get closer to knowing and caring for yourself.

Cleansing the Heart — This is much deeper work, but I'll mention it here so you're aware it's different than just emotions. The heart body has to do with your deep desires and passions. In this case, we're looking for what hasn't been expressed. What do you desire to create, give, share, live by that you haven't allowed yourself to have. This may reveal itself in the "go fuck yourself" meditation, but it will surely reveal itself as you get closer to the real you. Again, let the emotions flow. That heart has a deep treasure to share with you if you stay long enough to listen. A great place and time to book intuitive healing work or order a spirit reading. I've also created guided meditation on the 5 bodies to help support your journey towards inner awareness. See link below.

I wish you all the best this month as we navigate cleansing our containers together.

All my love, Heidi

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