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Claiming Who You Are

Updated: Apr 11, 2020

Welcome January, and 2020! What a year ahead we have. For the last two years we've been in the process of reassessing. What are we doing, and why? Are we walking the dog, or is the dog walking us? Are we operating out of societal programming, or are we marching to the beat of our own internal drummer, maybe without even knowing where we're going, but learning to trust the unknown. 2020 is a whole new game.

Now we are finally collecting all the knowledge we have gained and putting that into practice. Weaving together a whole new life that truly encompasses who we are, not who we've been expected to be. Maybe you've taken steps towards this already; maybe the awareness of it has been around you without having access to the how; or maybe you've been circling the drain, knowing you need change, desperately wanting it, but afraid to take action.

Well, my friends, THIS IS YOUR YEAR.

The energy of January, and the entire year, will be supporting this forward movement, bringing with it just the information, connections, and people needed to help guide your path.

As a collective, we've been dismantling the system we were born into. We've been waking up to the awareness that this system hasn't been working for us; it's been one-sided. We may make material gain (that allows us to buy things that perpetuate the forward movement of this system), but is it really fulfilling us at our core? Most likely the answer to that question is a resounding NO. We want more out of life. We want more for our children. We want more for the planet. We want more soul connections. And sure, money is nice, but that isn't what will fulfill us at the end of the day. We want time, connections, rest, joyful vacations that allow the downtime for surges of new energy that inform our way forward.

Since I've been working independently, I have really learned that "working" in the form we are accustomed to is not always what gets shit done. Going for a hike, cleaning out the closet, preparing a meal, playing music, calling a friend, meditating (the things so often labeled as self-care) ARE what allow the vital information needed to come through for forward movement. Said another way, we've moved through the discomfort of the masculine tantrums about the feminine rising, and now that feminine power is ready to become common place, and used to weave a new way forward.

The overarching theme of 2020 is balance. The weaving together of the masculine and feminine to create that balance. We need both, and dividing ourselves in half not only feels terrible, but it also hasn't proven to work. We're sick and tired, quite literally, of doing it the hard way. We're ready to allow fluidity and ease (feminine) to co-create with the structures (masculine) that allow stability . In numerology, 2020 is a 4 year. Following sacred geometry or tarot, 4 is the number of stability. It's the first time in the progression from 1 that we have a stable structure. The triangle (3), is somewhat stable but easily collapsable. Think of a table with 3 legs; it could tip over easily. A table with 4 legs is more solid. So this is the energy of 2020: stability, structure, balance. And with that balance and stability, creativity is allowed to come back in. When you're in trauma, fatigue, transition, change, it's really hard to find the time and energy for flow and creativity. Think of the flow that comes in when you're on vacation, a long lunch break with a friend, a weekend off, out on a date with a babysitter at home — energy starts to flow again. This is what we have to look forward to in 2020: stability, balance, flow that gives way to creativity. We get to write our own rules, we just haven't known that because we've been bogged down with "shoulds" and societal expectations; responsibilities placed upon us to keep a broken system running.

Brave, wild, free, bohemian — these things that have been making themselves known in the collective, are no longer just t-shirts — they are energy to embody, to make real. We don't need tattoos to prove this, we ARE the tattoos. Honor what you know to be true about yourself, your needs, your gifts, your uniqueness. Lay claim to those. Speak them out loud. Begin sharing who you are.

As this feminine, Goddess energy makes itself more known on the planet and within ourselves, notice the freedom and flow that is asked for in January. Flexibility that leads to freedom. Sudden changes that open the door to adventure. Calling us, pulling us out of the boxes of routine. We are nomads by nature. We crave change and the discovery of new territory, both externally and internally. Even if you tell yourself you don't. This natural energy for freedom, travel, sex, creativity, exploration gets stuck in the confines of life's expectations — handed to us by advertisers. Who are you; how would you want to live if money, status, and name brands had no effect on you? What if you put the phone down and invited a friend over — and didn't post online about it?! In this way, you reclaim your own territory, taking back your privacy, and sharing in real time your heart and dreams with those you love. This is the connection your heart desires. Not the low-calorie, low-nutrition diet of social media. Make your life beautiful and fulfilling — FOR YOU.

This is the year to CLAIM WHO YOU ARE.

Get in touch with your deepest desires and make those come true. No more stalling. The joy that comes from being who you are far surpasses social media and living a life of societal expectations. You may have things, but the shelf-life of things won't fulfill you long term. Living out loud and expressing who you are will.

Things to focus on:

Deep Clean — Purge out anything that isn't you. Get rid of clutter that is weighing you down. With less stuff around you, you'll be able to see clearly who you are NOW, not who you were 10 years ago.

Vision Board — This sounds trite, but trust me, it is a really interesting self-discovery process. Use it, not necessarily as way of manifesting, although that can be helpful to, but for the purpose of discovering who you are. When you build a board of things you are attracted to without needing to know why, it helps you see in real time what you long for, and what you'd like to create in your life. Leave this in plain site so you can be reminded of it regularly.

Eye gazing — Take 5 or 10 minutes to look at yourself in the mirror. Lock eyes with yourself and allow a deep conversation to unfold. What does that beautiful reflection staring back at you really want? What are his/her/their dreams? What has been denied, and what wants to be honored?

This is going to be a powerful year full of magic, movement, self-discovery, creativity, self-expression, and building the life you imagine. Enjoy this new energy, and if the tears flow, let the releases come as you step into who you truly are; it's all part of the process.

All my love, Heidi

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