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Call of the Wild

Ah, welcome to December, the final rounding out of this year in practice, this Wild West we have grown accustomed to with all its rigidity. The shell harding around us, pushing us deeper and deeper into metamorphosis. That shell, as horrible and hard as it has been, is finally beginning to crack, and what is being born is a whole new YOU. All that rigidity and suffocation has allowed us to see what is truly important in our lives and what is a MUST for our survival, and the survival of this new being we are becoming.

I've been talking all year about this container energy we have been cooking in. (Who knew it would last so long!) After a long simmer, last month that container began to dissolve and then crystalize underneath us, like hardened caramel, a sort of disc we're standing on with a very low lip around the bottom holding us in. Imagine a frisbee turned upside down. With all of this pressure and cooking down, we have a deeper sense of who we are, where we're going, and why. It's still shaky here at the beginning of the month, but our wings are ready for their maiden voyage; that disc we are standing on is about to become a flying saucer.

In recent weeks, an animal nature energy has begun to emerge (more can be found on that in the weekly oracle readings found on my YouTube or Instagram pages), and with that, we are feeling and hearing our siren call, our purpose for being here on earth. With the help of a massive amount of feminine, Mother Earth energy supporting us, we are being born anew with upgraded information in tact, much like a software update. We are seeing, feeling, and hearing cries from the wild calling us back to our innate nature, that thing we knew about ourselves in our youth, but likely put down in response to external programming and conditioning. Well, the call is getting so loud now, we can no longer stay our small, limited selves, and are being pushed out of the nest towards flight. Fear is no longer a good enough excuse to not pursue your dreams. And here's the thing: WE ALL NEED YOUR GIFTS! The world is literally counting on you and your contributions right now to shift and raise the light on our planet.

If YOU stay small, we ALL stay small.

Enough is enough. Dig deep, grab your courage, and go.

As a collective, we have suffered so much under the weight of partisanship and the categorization of all things and all beings. We have been reduced down to ideas, most of them limited and demented, which have squashed half of who we are, literally. When we look at this in terms of energy, and what I see often in my practice, is a body that is operating homolaterally. What that means is one side of our body has been divorced from the other side. There is no cross over, as our energy is designed to do. There is so much stagnation in our energy because we aren't using all of our parts. This call of the wild, the Mother Nature in us rising aggressively is calling us back into balance, by saying "hey, remember me? remember how we use to love to run and be free?" We can't be free living beings if we're operating on only one side of our body. Also, if our bodies are stuffed up with old, stagnant, trauma energy, we are weighed down and suffocate under that pressure. We have to get out of polarized thinking and come to the middle where the answers and the love are. When our male (right side) and female (left side) energy are crossing over the center through the chakras in our spine, we are happier, healthier, more active, vital, joyful, and in our hearts. Our male and female sides (our polarization) become one, and work in tandem as they are meant to do. My husband and I often say "the answer is usually somewhere in the middle," and this could not be more true of our energy. As we become more rooted in our bodies, we also become more grounded, our energy drops from the busyness of the head, down into the gentleness of the heart. We feel more peaceful, loving, kind, and caring which is also where we are headed, towards unity consciousness. Accept all, reject none. See and notice this love and diversity in the trees, the animals, the plants, the minerals. They live and express their uniqueness, instead of judging each other like we do. As the Hafiz poem says:

Even after all this time

The sun never says to earth

"You owe me"

Look what happens with a love like that

It lights up the whole sky

This is how we are meant to live. Side-by-side, sharing our gifts with one another, giving and receiving in communion and right relationship with spirit and earth. This is all to say, when you do your work, balance your energy, center your light, live and give your gifts, you support every living being. We have been taught the opposite, but we are also capable of unlearning it. The wild nature of mama earth is here to help us reclaim those divorced parts, place our staff in the ground, stand tall, and live in our truths.

Much love as you navigate this brand-new territory.

Things to focus on this month:

Feel your feelings — The nervous system is likely going haywire right now from all the pressure and expectations to keep going amidst corona. The best thing you could do to support this is STOP. Let it all go. Let it all fall apart in as much as you can. Let your body grieve all that it needs to, letting go of excess energy and allowing you to ground yourself into your being. Feeling your feelings is one of the best ways to off gas excess energy.

Get into your body — Walking, running, yoga, stretching, massage, epsom salt bath, anything and every body this month. We are bringing in new energy like crazy and we need to ground and anchor it in our systems. It's pushing out much of the old, so we will likely need to rest a lot as well. Great time for xmas break, even if we're at home alone.

Use your tools — Now is the time for all the tools: essential oils, sage, sound healing, energy healing, chanting, meditation, prayer, channel writing, anything that is effecting and supporting the senses. This will help calm the body as well and bring it into balance. I'm about to launch a partnership with DoTerra essential oils, so stay tuned for that. A free class will be offered to introduce everyone to these support tools. We must stay anchored in both spirit and body to stay sane and healthy.

Wishing you all the best with all the things. xo, Heidi

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