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Building Your Foundation

Updated: May 6, 2020

Last month I talked about this massive energy that is coming in to support our movement forward. This month continues on that theme, with a slight twist. Now that we have the support of all this momentum energy and freedom to move, it’s time to sort and organize our base so we can make the best use of it. If you’ve had dreams, desires, passions, ways you’ve wanted to express that were maybe way bigger than you thought possible for yourself, or you couldn’t see the path to making it possible, now is the time. There can be so many details to these larger dreams that are more about discovering and expressing the REAL you, that it can feel overwhelming to put it into action. Now is the time to channel your inner Virgo: sort, clear, stack, repeat. You can’t have too much in your way or you won’t be able to see the path clearly enough to put all the connecting pieces in place. It’s like looking at the floor with the pieces of three puzzles on the ground and trying to make one big one. Clean up the two puzzles you don’t want to work on right now so you can focus, focus, focus.

You can’t hit 3 targets with one arrow, so figure out which target you want to go for first, so all your attention goes there.

There will be time for the other targets, but first things first.

Another piece to this month is perspective change. What we once thought was absolute truth — your life as you always knew it — is up for review big time. Get your ass on the floor of your life and check out all those pieces on the floor. Which ones belong to old puzzles you no longer want to ever make again — and send those babies on to greener pastures! You don’t need old news, old Tchotchke’s, old memories of another time lying around jamming up your space. Look at the things in your life, your home, your relationships, and send packing what isn’t working anymore. Our energy is limited and we don’t want to be wasting it on old stuff. Spring cleaning, people! It’s the perfect time to dive into this.

I always find Spring an odd time, and for me, it’s always felt a little claustrophobic. We’ve finally gotten comfortable with the space that was created with all the leaves gone, and suddenly we have brilliant light and so much draw to be outside playing, and yet it can feel full and a little suffocating. My take is that the leaves are all filling in the trees again and so the space that we had is now more limited. The bonus is that it shines really beautiful light on the stuff that is not supporting where we are now. Those old clothes that represent an old you that no longer fits, take them to resale and give them a new home. You will feel so refreshed in your newly purged home.

If there’s something new you want to try — as wild and crazy as you want to go — do it NOW. Don’t ask questions, don’t analyze it, don't over think it (this is my tendency), just do it. Just off the cliff and figure out how to fly while you’re falling. You will see how resourceful you are, and that you totally have this. You HAVE grown by leaps and bounds, and now you can trust yourself to handle it going forward — the things that use to limit you were just ideas and perspectives. Now you get to move forward wth new freedom.

Take care this month and enjoy moving in new ways, you just might surprise yourself.

All my love, Heidi

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